We want to be stylish and we want to look our best wherever we go. While in the past it did not matter much how we looked when we went to the gym, nowadays women do tend to be really attentive. Not using as much make-up as on a regular day is something that is stressful and not wearing fashionable clothes only makes matters worse. There are so many out there that wear clothes that will make the entire fitness experience bad. That said, there are some clothing items that are better left at home. We asked some fitness instructors for some advice on what you shouldn’t wear to the gym.

Based on information offered by the instructors at thefitnessmosaic.com, here are some of the clothes that you should never wear at the gym.

T-Shirts Made Out Of Cotton

Your tee should be left at home as cotton will absorb sweat and does not release it properly through evaporation. A wet, heavy cotton t-shirt against the skin will cause irritation and even give you chills. It is far better to wear something made out of technologically advanced fabrics like Dri-Fit, Capilene or CoolMax. Double-layer tops are recommended for those that do not feel comfortable in stretchy fabric fits. Shapewear is also usually a good idea.

Tanks You Do Not Test

The tank top does look sexy and attractive when you stand up but as you go and do a push-up, people will end up seeing way more than you want them to. Do not flash everyone in the gym and make sure you check your tank from many different angles. This includes reaching, leaning sideways, doing jumping jacks and bending forward. It is true that not all activities will require support. Cleavage-proof tanks include a higher neckline. It is not that stylish but will limit all indecent exposure.

Baggy Sweatpants

If you love baggy, long pants and you wear them as a part of your personal style, make sure that you do not take them with you at the gym. This is because they can catch on various exercise machines and untangling pants from bikes is definitely not something that you want to end up doing during a spin class. In most exercise routines from cycling to pole dancing you have to avoid these pants. For many classes the best option is slim-fitting, capris shorts or long pants.

Thong Underwear

There are women that only wear thongs and it is true that such underwear looks better when coupled with slim-fitting pants or shorts. The problem is that as you move and sweat, infections can appear as rectal bacteria travels towards the urinary tract and the vagina. It is a lot better to wear nearly invisible underwear bottoms.

Ask Your Instructor When You Have Doubts

If you do not know what to wear at the gym, it is a good idea to talk with your instructor. It is totally understandable that you want to look as great as possible but what counts the most is feeling comfortable. Remember that you go to the gym in order to get in shape and you do not need to look your best while there. Nobody will really look at you and the gym is not actually a great place to meet your significant other.

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