Some of my clients have requested me to write more about my passion which is to slow down your aging process. This article will be one of the many for that request. I have discovered that although the years may pile up we can with certainty restrict your aging. You do not have to feel old. I will designate my next two writing sessions responding to the current list of requests I have received. I will try to personally deal with them all and as always I will personallyanswer to all of the emails.


In honor of our joint venture into what some may think of as the unknown, I want you to know that I personally walked and jogged ten miles today. I am seventy years old and I certainly was not able to accomplish that when I was forty years old. During my life there have been many trials, how you respond to your trials may have a lot to do with how you age. If your trials left you with anger and stressed out, and you refuse to let them go, you will age quickly and you can count on having a miserable life. You must allow yourself to heal and then to move on.


You are actually the center of your universe, did you ever think of that? Those around you, that you care about, your relatives or your friends, respond to how you actually think. Remember you are what you think!


Smile and the world smiles with you, wasn’t that a song? Well it is true. I know people who are in their thirties who are already old, however I have a neighbor who is ninety five and she is not old. She laughs easily, plays her piano and loves to go on trips, one of this woman’s loves is to go camping, and she just loves to rough it up. We all can learn from her. I recommend to my friends and associates to look in the mirror every morning and see that wonderful person that you are, and smile darn it smile. Even if you are troubled, your brain only sees that happy person when you smile and happy you will be.


My advice for all of you is to be happy- smile, we only go this way once, why not be happy as we go? And as always you must live well to be well.


I am passionate about slowing down your aging process.

Please get back to me, my email address is below and give me your topic requests.

don george wellness coach

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