Are you expecting a little one and getting ready to decorate a nursery, unsure of how best to proceed? Or, is their current room wrong for their age and in need of a makeover? Here’s the thing, as daunting as the decorating process may sound, it doesn’t need to be. There are plenty of helpful hints and tips you can use to set your child’s room up to last them until the day they move out. It’s all about planning and preparation.

1. The Paint Colours

Smart Tips to Help Your Child’s Room Grow as They Do

There’s an impulse to paint a baby’s room pink, blue or yellow. However, black and white with patterns is actually better for their development. As much as kids love bright colours, painting can be a bit of a hassle and when Charlotte reaches 13, there’s a good chance she’s going to regret begging for the princess décor she was adamant she should have. Instead of going for bright colours, choose something subtle that will be suitable throughout your child’s growth. You can use their favourite colours to accessorize – think rugs, throws, cushions, stickers, and wall art. 

2. Lasting Furniture

Smart Tips to Help Your Child’s Room Grow as They Do

As much as Noah loved his race car bed when he was 6, it won’t be long before he grows out of it and you’re faced with the task of shopping for another new bed. Instead, buy him a bed that’s going to last for many years to come. Forget all the adorable kid-sized furniture options and start looking at the furniture that’s going to last.

Additionally, think of furniture that serves more than one purpose. So, instead of purchasing a changing table, why not consider using a dresser or desk instead, you can simply fit it with a changing mat – you’ll only need to use it for a few years and then they’ll have a hot spot to do their homework. Choose a bed that provided storage, too, many of the beds available have built-in storage – so that will save you money in the long run.

3. Accessorize

You can still stamp your child’s personality on their bedroom without going with a full-on theme that will age poorly and leave them frustrated as a teenager. Accessories are the way forward, you can redecorate fairly regularly without breaking the bank. So, choose rugs, ornaments, posters, wall art, bed linen, and toys that will help convey their personality, but are also easily changed when their tastes change.

4. Involve Your Kids

Smart Tips to Help Your Child’s Room Grow as They Do

Okay, so you can’t involve a baby, but when your kids reach a certain age they’re going to want some input in the room where they spend most of their time. So, talk to them about what colours they love, and what they really want their room to look like. They’re far more likely to love their room and keep it tidy if they get their way in the decorating stakes.

5. Graphics


Smart Tips to Help Your Child’s Room Grow as They Do

You could use wallpaper, although that can be a challenge to remove when it comes time to make changes. Instead, why not use decals? They peel off easily and they’re inexpensive enough for you to change annually if that’s how quick your children’s tastes move. Of course, you can also use stencils and do a bit of painting – if you choose this option then you’ll want to opt for a lasting design (think nature). Fresh graphics can add a bit of zest to any room and you can choose the one that’s right for your budget. Alternatively, you can frame posters to create a classier look as your child grows up – whether it’s comic book characters or icons of history.

6. Zones

Smart Tips to Help Your Child’s Room Grow as They Do

Help your kids out by creating clear zones in their room – this is for work, this is for play, this is for sleep. So, create a work area where they can tackle homework or even puzzles and artistic types of work – you want them to enjoy study time, so make sure you provide them with ample light, near the window is a great option as it will also provide them with a breath of fresh air. This is where you can place storage for stationery and books so they can keep their desk or work area uncluttered. For playtime, create an exciting corner where all their toys, etc live.

7. Upgrades

Smart Tips to Help Your Child’s Room Grow as They Do

You know there will be a need for upgrades – so make sure that there’s plenty of space to make upgrades – you want to be able to easily make age-appropriate changes when the time comes. The most effective way to ensure you leave space is for upgrades is to choose neutral wall colours and furniture every step of the way. Additionally, wall decals mean you can peel them off and replace with something more in line with their current interests. Leave additional space for extra storage.

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