Tennis shoes are created by many manufactures, some better quality than others. Well known brands got that way by providing high-quality products. After a name becomes popular, there are always tons of knock-offs created. Prada is a company that is considered to be top of the line in handbags, wallets, clothing, and shoes. The following tips can help in being able to spot a fake pair of sneakers by this reputable Italian label.

First things first; knock-off designs are going to be extremely cheap. A low priced pair of Pradas is a sure sign that someone is trying to reel you in with a fake pair of tennis shoes. This company prides itself on high quality products, which doesnt come cheap.

Secondly, take a look at the shoe box the sneakers come in. An authentic box wont have the company name plastered across the top. There will be a logo along the side of the shoe box, as well as information about the shoes contained in the box, but thats it. Also, an authentic box is made of corrugated plastic, not cardboard.

Thirdly, compare shoe models. There are many websites claiming to have authentic shoes, but the best way to see what the real thing looks like is to visit the companys website. Take a look at the shoes pictured and compare them to other photos sites are displaying. Sometimes the changes are extremely subtle, so it takes a good eye to spot alterations.

Finally, go with your gut. Sometimes the company selling Prada tennis shoes isnt a well-known or highly reputable one. This should be a sign that you might be buying a fake pair of Pradas. Deals that seem too good to be true usually are. Buy from a reputable source and be prepared to spend a good chunk of hard-earned cash. Buying the real thing is well worth it.

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