They stopped selling winter coats in the store around November and started gearing up for spring. The transition started with the spring colors but longer sleeves but now they are stocking the shelves with spring and summer garb. Before you hit the racks, do you know what to choose that best compliments your image? Remember our rule. Unless you are dumping the entire closet in the trash (and there are some out there who should), never buy dailywear unless it goes with 3 things in your wardrobe.

So what colors are hot this spring? You will see the return of the turquoise and hot pink of last year but this years palette is topped off with orange (and we mean orange!) and kelly green. The sage, celery and celadon greens of the past 2 years have gone to the wayside. We even saw a kelly green polo shirt for men last week.

However, the shocking news especially for the east coast is this. Despite the line from Wicked! that “Black is this year’s pink,” black is out! Khaki and olive green and “sand dollar” are replacing black as the staple for the wardrobe. I personally will be hiding out in my house until this trend ends. On a serious note, be careful what you choose from this color set. These neutrals are not as nuetral as they sound. Most of us cannot wear olive green and the khaki colors come in a variety of shades that can leave some of us looking like yesterday’s leftovers.

In other fashion news, white has also made a huge comeback along with a few pastels. Again, watch out for this one. Skin tone, your age, and your natural hair color play a major role in your ability to carry off white…and I don’t care what anyone says, don’t get those white shoes out until after Memorial Day!

Now that we have thrown you into thinking about color, stay tuned for next month’s fashion advice on the styles that will make or break your spring and summer collection.

Completely overwhelmed by what you read and not even sure what we mean by the right color or fabric? Consult with an image specialist or personal shopper in your area.

Read more about choosing the right styles by reading our ezine article on creating the successful wardrobe.

Indra A Books, author of this and many other lifestyle articles, is the owner and founder of ON THE GO 4 U, LLC, Personal Shoppers & Concierge Service in the Washington DC metropolitan area, providing life management services. In addition to its shopping and concierge services, ON THE GO 4 U also publishes a monthly e-zine and conducts workshops. Ms. Books is the Vice President for the International Concierge & Errand Association. For more information about the author and ON THE GO 4 U, please visit [].

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