You were wrong if you thought fashion shows were only about shoes and fancy clothes.  This is where trends and styles for all types of things begin.  In the months ahead, customers will learn that these are the styles they will be wearing.  Designers show you what types of styles and colors you will start to spot in stores for the following season.  Not just for clothing, this is where you will also see the biggest trends in nails, hairstyles, and make-up.  Nail styles from classic lady-like to bright racing stripes were spotted all over this season’s spring 2012 shows. There was a little something for everyone.

This season we saw long, lady-like styles everywhere.  Spring season brought longer shaped, naturally painted nails to the forefront.  Long, beautifully filed nails were at many shows where artists went against clipping models’ nails at all.  Nails were short, clean, and painted in light polishes at the Tory Burch showing.  In other locations, we saw traditional red and nude nails.  The classic red nail is sexy and clean and is a basic color that we always go back to.

A modern popular style is the reverse French manicure.  Both shape and colors have been updated in this classic look.  Reverse French manicures were viewed in attention-grabbing dark plums and tans.  Other similar nail styles seen on the runway were two-tone nails, where each finger was being polished in two colors.  Each nail was done in a nude color on the bottom and a darker color in sections on top, leaving parts unpainted to reveal the bottom layer.  It may be tough to find a shop that knows how to do this new trend, which may be harder to do yourself. Look for spa websites and nail salon websites that may offer this type of manicure.

This season’s shows’ largest hit had to be the ombre fingers.  Hair coloring in ombre became popular just a few years ago.  Ombre is defined as one shade or color blending into an additional shade or color.  Ombre manicures in spectacular blues and black were on the runway of Jenny Kao’s show.  The racing stripe manicure was another huge trend in two-tone.  You can enjoy spring’s hues, such as bright yellow, in a simple and fun way.

The biggest spring fashion nail color trend will definitely be yellow. It doesn’t have to be bright; it can be a nice, simple and subtle yellow.  It is the simplest way to mix spring’s “it” hue with your wardrobe.

With nail fads, you can add to your dull daily wardrobe in a simple and fun way. If doing your own nails this spring is not an option, you can use spa websites and nail salon websites to make appointments in your local neighborhood. Have a bit of fun this spring, and you can’t go wrong.

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