From the runways of Balenciaga to Celine, Spring’s hottest hair style is trending toward minimal neat freak. Clean, straight strands with center parts gave a polished lady-like look to the models at Calvin Klein and Max Mara while Gucci used the same polished look but all swept back with no part at all. At Preen, it was straight hair with no fly-aways and high polish with deep side parts. The girls at Jil Sander and Missoni kept things neat with tight buns and ponytails, still with the strict, pulled back look. The look can come off as cold and aloof but with the right styling, everyone can pull off this seductive spring hair trend.

1. Start with clean hair

Wash your hair with a cleansing shampoo such as Avedo Rosemary Mint Shampoo. I recommend this shampoo because it cleans without stripping and the minty scent is invigorating. Clean strands can be hard to manage, but when it comes to a sleek style, you’ll want squeaky clean hair. Also, don’t skimp on conditioner. The moisturizers in conditioner will keep the hair soft and add just a little weight to them to keep them together when you style them.

Spring's Hottest Hair Style

2. Use a hair flat iron

Even with stick straight hair, using a hair iron helps to smooth fly aways and takes away any small kinks and imperfections on the hair shaft. If your hair is wavy or curly, then a straightener is a must for getting springs polished hair.  Section your hair into one inch sections and use the flat iron to straighten each section. Make sure to keep the iron moving to avoid burning your hair.

Spring's Hottest Hair Style

3. Apply a high-quality hair serum or hair oil

I have 2 favorites when it comes to hair smoothening serums. I used to really like BioSilk serum but found it too heavy for my hair which is very fine. Even when I barely used any at the end of the day, my hair ended up looking too oily. I know that some people still swear by it so if it works for you, then rock on. I like to use Organix Argan Oil from root to tip and then use John Frieda’s Frizz Ease Serum for trouble spots like the split ends or just on the tips of my hair.

Spring's Hottest Hair Style

4. Use a boar bristle brush

Whether you are wearing your hair straight, pulling it back into a ponytail or wrapping it in a low chignon, using a boar bristle brush will make your locks as smooth as possible. And not just any boar bristle brush, those who know swear by Mason Pearson Brothers brush. I know, it’s insanely expensive but trust me when I say this is the last brush you will ever need to buy. For smoothing fly aways, detangling hair and getting each and every strand perfectly in line without pulling any out, a Mason Pearson is the brush to have. There’s a good reason they’ve been around for so long.

Spring's Hottest Hair Style

5. Use a comb for making a perfect part

Whether you want a deep side part or one that’s right in the middle, using a fine tooth comb will make sure your part is straight. If you have trouble keeping a part, it helps to use just a touch of hair wax. Rub it between your fingers and then just barely touch your hair where you want to add a little bit of texture and hold. Hair wax helps hold the hair in place without added shine or a helmet head look. For sleek styles such as the ones these spring, don’t get it anywhere else or your hair will lack movement.

Spring's Hottest Hair Style

6. Apply a touch of finishing serum or oil to the finished product

For good measure, I like to apply just a little bit more oil to a finished hair style. I put a few drops in my hand, rub my palms together, and just smooth down the length of my hair or over the top. It helps to smooth last minute fly-aways and also to add gloss exactly where you want it.

Spring's Hottest Hair Style

If you’ve opted to pull your hair into a ponytail or a bun, the look can seem severe or cold. You can keep it feminine and seductive by not pulling on your hair too tight. If you’re getting a little bit of a face lift, then you’ve probably pulled your hair too tight. Keep it neat but keep it soft.

Spring's Hottest Hair Style

That’s it. Take a picture of your sleek Spring hair style and share it with us!


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