It’s time to pull out the winter coats, hats, scarves and gloves.  While it looks like there is a long, cold winter ahead, this does not mean you cannot spruce things up with some lively accessories. This season, the options are brighter than they have been in years. Push the dark clothes to the back of your closet and pull out some colorful, cheerful, and cozy winter clothing. This year it’s all about adding a little excitement to your wardrobe, as well as to the long, frozen months ahead.

Winter Accessories – Anything but Bland

Your winter look does not have to be boring. Although strands of pearls look great with cashmere, recent collections of emeralds, diamonds and gold have brought back amazing style. Jewelry designs, such as those offered by Michael Hill, include some gorgeous looks. It is impossible to allow winter tedium to set in when you are wearing pieces from the ‘City Lights’ collection or charms from Emma & Roe. Humdrum is for humbugs while diamonds are for the delightfully daring.

Add on the Layers

Layers are perfect for autumn, winter and spring. Outside the temperatures may plummet below freezing, and indoors the heater may be set for Sahara Desert temperatures. The best way to adapt is by piling on (or stripping) the layers. This is why down and woolen jackets were designed, and why hand knit scarves and beanies have made a monumental comeback. Along with the layers, try piling on the color. With Boho trends topping the fashion charts, just about everything is trending. From ‘50s faux fur to ‘70s granny shawls, this winter is layered in style.


Custom-made Winter-wear

There are some truly unique trends this year. Cowls have made a comeback, infinity scarves offer a great solution for chilly necks, while cabled boot-toppers are warding off the cold. If you know a needle-worker, take advantage of custom-knit woolens and crochet wear. If not, the corner boutique is likely to carry some amazing styles, perfect for breaking wintertime tedium. Custom fashion designs are a great way to keep your cold-weather wardrobe fresh.

Winter Accessories and Color

Spruce up your winter style with all the little extras. Caps, hats, berets and snoods are available in every color known to woman and man. While your pea coat and navy wool jacket have their place, a colorful array of winter accessories will allow you to change up your look. Winter white and cobalt, black with retro pizazz, floral and folkloric pieces in warm pastel shades are setting the stage for the lighter spring fashions.

There are countless ways to spruce up your wardrobe this winter. Try not to let the weather get you down. Add some beautiful jewelry, pile on the layers, wrap yourself in homemade woolens and spice things up with color. Even though it may be a long, cold winter, the weather won’t get the best of you. Chase away the winter blues with accessories designed for glamor, drama and fun!

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