Counterfeit industry, the global annual turnover of more than 60 billion U.S. dollars, of which the total amount of counterfeit luxury items is 1 / 10, bring in annual economic losses of 100 billion U.S. dollars, 1 million jobs lost, as well as bloody and appalling violence. Although we have no choice but to admit that since the establishment of counterfeit goods from the brand has existed, but if we do not take the initiative to buy the size that they will be far less now so huge. No demand, no supply, it all depends on you.

Are you familiar fashion line will invest millions of dollars each year to combat counterfeiting and counterfeit goods, but the proliferation of counterfeit continues to continue. The world’s counterfeit goods trade volume has grown from 5.5 billion in 1982, when the U.S. dollar has reached 60 billion U.S. dollars today. A few years ago, police in Thailand, a workshop in the outskirts of the number of vehicles found in the Ferrari P4 replica Classic (Ferrari only produced in 1967 after three P4). Today, many LV handbag A-goods are of high gas Aung Toe to walk in the streets.

In general, counterfeit goods will be produced in this way, transport to do: to fake brand name handbags, for example, an order they were more than 10,000, usually by making some of those being held in the workshops of the children to complete. When the production of finished products, they will be transported to a local store has nothing to do with the plant, such as a rural elementary school. After riding a bicycle deliveryman will be some, a group of a number of goods shipped to wholesalers. Wholesale goods will be placed in another place, waiting for the international shipping companies to transport crates. Counterfeit goods are usually mixed with the legitimate production of clothing together, to avoid Customs inspection. Every time goods change hands, prices will double, only cash transactions.

Although the luxury goods industry for this phenomenon to take the necessary measures: to track and control their strict use of raw materials and direction with the Government to deal with the illegal workshops, increase the port’s inspection. But the corresponding counterfeit goods manufacturing business has become more sophisticated, they designed a new production process: the completion of the basic processes of producing countries and then shipped to the destination assembled. Last October, the New York Police Department in Queens, a commercial building, the arrest of 13 counterfeit goods manufacturer, and dealt with a 4 million U.S. dollars worth of counterfeit goods, including Polo, Lacoste, Rocawear, the North Face and 7 for All Mankind brands. Meanwhile, law enforcement officers also found a lot of signs with the brand name and buttons, as well as a precise binding machine. Obviously, this place is not only a market place or a place for final processing. Workers here legally imported goods will be nailed or sewn on the logo on the counterfeit, which will be transformed into a general merchandise counterfeit luxury goods.

Another trick is to fake disguised as a legal product, such as sealed in the Lacoste logo on an ordinary plate, and then removed at the destination. Moreover, counterfeit goods traders in authentic logo on the slightly modified, for example, Ralph Lauren polo swing upward into a downtrend, and designs for the new trademark applications for lawful use of applications received processing file to import these goods, to show that this trademark application is in progress. “These are legitimate file is of a deceptive legal, after the trademark in the United States six months after application will be rejected,” a luxury brand consultant explained the patent: “But in the meantime, the officers will be allowed the entry of these goods. They wrongly believe that these products have the legal approval of the official one day can get a trademark. ”

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