When it comes to style icons, few are quite as in the public eye as R ‘n’ B sensation, Rihanna. Seldom will a day go by without seeing this pop beauty in the press and she very rarely puts a foot wrong for a fashion and style point of view.

rihanna style fashion

The beauty of Rihanna is that she looks equally as fantastic when she is dressing down for time with friends as she does when she is gracing the red carpet for a movie premiere. Rihanna has a style that is fairly easy to replicate when it comes to her more everyday pieces. She is regularly seen sporting fashion staples such as cowboy shirts and t-shirts from her favourite brands like BOY London.

It goes without saying that items like cowboy shirts can be accessorised with a great many looks and the chunky, thicker ones are a great fashion item to consider as we head into winter. Whether you couple it with a thick coat or chunky knit cardigan And a pair of women’s Ariat Boots, a well-chosen cowboy shirt will never let you down – and this is why Rihanna is so often spotted in exactly this sort of Western wear.

Obviously, Rihanna is just as famous for her red carpet fashion as she is for dressing down and you cannot help but be impressed by her bold and striking dresses and formal wear that she opts for during her public appearances – such as the stunning dress below:


Rihanna fashion

Graceful and sophisticated, it’s a prime example of how to dress elegantly on the red carpet and Rihanna is somewhat of a beacon to fashionistas the world over. The beauty of the dress above is that it’s not so outlandish and unique that you wouldn’t be able to replicate the look for yourself. For example, the eye-catching white maxi dress from Missguided will definitely help you capture this wonderful style for yourself:

So, regardless of whether you’re planning to capture the Rihanna style with women’s cowboy shirts or a more formal evening dress, it is important to find something which matches both your budget and your own personal sense of style. Rihanna is unquestionably one of the most fashionable women on earth and if you’re looking for a style to steal, she is certainly a good place to start!



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