Fashion enthusiasts have always fancied the street and wasn’t it Yves Saint-Laurent led the way in 1060 with his scandalous Beal Collection, which paid tribute to the beatniks who moped around Paris’ Left Bank in motorcycle jackets, black leotards and flats.

It’s of course the vulgar and experimental masses that a lot of designers have taken inspiration from as the roam around the streets.

Of course a cynic might argue that co-opting rather than creating trends, haute couture has been trying to defend its prestige and authority in a rather chaotic and ever increasing anarchic fashion world, one in which the masses are choosing to have outfits of ready-to-wear and cultural anti-elitism dares and threaten to win the day.

Street style has always been there and it didn’t really disappear. Of course before when fashion runways were created, people would go outside wearing their most elegant look and would bask in the eyes of passersby. Didn’t really change much today. People are still going out, dressing to kill and strutting what they have on the streets. It’s of course not the time yet for runway to bow down to street style as street style is more on the experimental side when it comes to fashion.

People out on the streets would rather wear something comfortable but there are those who see the street as their own fashion runway where they showcase their latest looks and walk down on the pavement they see as the catwalk.

Of course it’s not easy to stroll around in a pair of leather shoes and most of the time it’s just the insiders who know where to look but fashion does have an obsession with the street, after all people would wear something out on the street first and foremost and when was the last time the average Joe ever been to a runway show?

Today, people don’t have to go to runway shows to see what’s hot. It’s already out there on the street basking under the sun or sizzling under the moon. The street is definitely a place where you can show off your outfit and there will definitely a lot of pedestrians who will what you’re wearing, whether you’re wearing something worth buzzing about and something that will land you a few admirers or something that’s enough for you end up as fashion street style road-kill.

High-fashion may have to stoop down and see what’s on the streets!

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