Spring has finally arrived, and it can only mean one thing – it’s time to empty your closet of all that drab winter clothing, and replace it with cute and colorful spring fashion. You’ll be glad to hear that when it comes to fashion choices for this spring, you have a huge range of great styles to choose from, and tried-and-tested trends are coming back around. From flirty floral dresses to cold-shoulder knitwear, we’ve put together a style guide to help you make sure that you’re dressed to perfection this spring.

Spring Post

Floral Patterns

There is no better season than spring to don clothing that is designed with spring blooms in mind. Whether you prefer large, statement floral patterns or smaller vintage-inspired flowers, this season is full of tops, blouses, dresses, rompers, and even trousers that are inspired by the colorful blossoms of the season. Visit this online boutique to browse selected floral clothing items in their new spring range.


Good old denim is topping the charts again this spring, and whilst last year was all about crisp white jeans, traditional blue jeans are making a huge comeback for spring 2016. In all of its different styles and colors, denim never seems to go completely out of fashion – even though colors and styles vary from season to season. And, this spring is looking like a good one for denim basics, with denim shirts, jackets, button-down skirts and dresses all topping the fashion charts.

Cold Shoulder

The cold shoulder trend kicked off as a huge success last year, and it’s gotten even bigger for Spring 2016. Enhancing just the shoulders but giving you enough of a sleeve to get away with wearing a normal bra (no more fiddling around with invisible straps or stick-on bras!) the cold-shoulder trend has found its way into not only tops and dresses but also shirts and knitwear. Lightweight knits with cold-shoulder features are expected to be huge this spring!

Floppy Hats

If you loved the sun-hat trend last spring and summer, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s coming back round again for the 2016 season. Keeping the sun off you face has never been more stylish, and for spring 2016, it’s the suede hats that are flying off the shelves. Popular in neutral colors such as browns, black and beige, these hats are the perfect addition to any outfit and are becoming the must-have accessory to pair with blue jeans, knitwear and lace.

White Shirts

Perfectly versatile, white shirts are set to be a huge hit this spring – and there’s a huge variety of different styles available. Whether you prefer crisp and basic shirts or like floaty white blouses with lace detail on the sleeves and neckline, you’ll be pleased to hear that everyone’s favorite style of top is one of the must-haves this spring. Wear them for work, casual wear, or going out – there’s not much that a white shirt won’t go with!

Which fashion trends are you looking forward to wearing this spring?

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