Wide-legged trousers are the garments du jour this summer. From loose and laid back, to tailored and incredibly elegant, these trousers of the moment are incredibly versatile and are an easy way to update your summer wardrobe for 2017. However, after almost two decades spent in skinny jeans, making the shift to a wide-legged look can be discombobulating.

Will wide leg trousers make me look dumpy if I’m short? What shoes should I wear with more voluminous trousers? Can I wear the look to a more formal occasion? Should I give patterned wide-legged trousers a whirl?

Whatever your worries about the wide leg trend, we’ve compiled some styling secrets that will ensure your wide-legged look is unassailably on trend…

1. Have a sense of proportion

Opt for a very close-fitted top or bodysuit to create balance and a flattering perspective in your look. Crop tops and off-the-shoulder shirts also add perspective and a fresher, summery feel. Make sure you choose a pair with a high waisted, nipped-in trousers to really show off your curves and create a flattering hourglass look that doesn’t overwhelm your frame.

2. Make bold color choices

If you’re searching for wide leg trouser inspiration, chances are you’re already pretty fashion forward. Fresh on the scene, wide legged trousers certainly make a fashion impact, which is why they must be worn with confidence and flair. Choosing a strong shade or bold palette is one way to earn extra fashion kudos. We especially love an arty monochrome black look, or wide leg trousers in a light, bright, poppy shade.

3. Mind your materials

The materials your wide leg trousers are made from will make a big difference to their look, feel and formality. Casual fabrics like denim and cotton have a relaxed look, while soft, untailored materials create a chilled-out draped effect. Stiffer or silkier materials create a more formal look that is appropriate for the office and formal occasions when worn as part of the right outfit.

4. Love your waist

High waisted wide legged trousers are absolutely the way to go. By nipping in your body at one of its narrowest points, these high waists help create that flattering hourglass look, while accentuating your shape to its greatest advantage.

5. Know your history

The world of fashion is full of recycled looks and inspiration sourced from past eras, wide-legged trousers are no exception. To find a look that works for you, take note of wide trouser styling from the 40s, 50s and 60s.

Do you love the wide-legged trouser look? Do you think the trend will overtake skinny jeans this summer? Have your say and share your trouser inspiration with other readers below.

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