The festive season creates the perfect opportunity for women all over the globe to get glamorous when selecting hairstyles for Christmas parties and celebrations on New Year’s Eve. Whether it be a chic up-do or classic waves bear in mind that the predicted trends for New Year are all about creative expression. Who says hair can’t be quirky and sophisticated?

What’s on the catwalk and celebrity preferences can often be a clear indication of future trends. Some of the trends of 2012, including casual buns and beach waves, are set to live on throughout 2013 while others such as dip dyeing and bright red hair are predicted to soon die out.


Soft, Pastel Coloured Hair


This trend has merely been introduced in 2012 by those who were brave enough to imitate this courageous trend, first attempted by celebrities such as Katy Perry and Ellie Goulding. The most popular colour is a light, cotton candy pink with light blue and icy lilac following.

The look is drastic due to its obvious falseness; however the softness of the colour juxtaposes this harshness. Skin tone is an issue as individuals with a darker complexion may find the lightness of the hair overpowering in contrast to the skin. For individuals with a pasty, pale complexion this trend is ideal.

If a pastel colour all over appears an extreme option it is possible to get slices of pastel throughout the hair, softening the overall colour. This look is sure to portray both confidence and individuality in anyone.


The Return of Natural Hair


For 2013 simplicity is paramount. Tight curls and intense styling is no longer needed as soft waves and sophisticated up-do’s make a return. This is good news for all those sick of hair products or styling as hair can now flow free and natural.

Hair magazines are placing emphasis on length as medium to long hair is always a classic style and will continue to dominate 2013 hairstyles. However, when growing out hair the quality often suffers as fly aways and split ends become an issue. A solution to this would be using coconut oil overnight which is sure to hydrate the hair. Alternatively, using serum for split ends would be beneficial.

Embrace natural hair as a trend in 2013.

Embrace natural hair as a trend in 2013.

Ombre’d Hair


If boredom becomes an issue when simply settling with natural hair the latest fad which is sure to continue into 2013 is ombre’d hair. Ombre’d hair including having hair a light brown which then fades into a blonde mid-way till the colour reaches the tips of the hair.

Dip dying hair vivid colours was fashionable in 2012, however ombre’d hair provides a more natural alternative in 2013. It provides a subtle yet quirky change to a block colour or simple highlights. Many celebrities have taken a liking to this trend, including A-listers such as Miley Cyrus and Lauren Conrad.

Ombre’d hair compliments long hair giving a more definite contrast between the light and dark areas.

Ombre’d hair compliments long hair giving a more definite contrast between the light and dark areas.
Ombre’d hair compliments long hair giving a more definite contrast between the light and dark areas.



It is crucial to take into consideration both hair type and fashion sense as particular hairstyles can be unflattering if the hair is not complementary to the look. For example, ombre’d hair should not be attempted by women with extremely short hair.

People will always be attracted to different hairstyles dependent upon their style and preferences. The key styles for 2013 are sure to vary season to season allowing every girl to select what suits their personality.

Written by Rebecca Hubbard.

Image Credits: Mimoza291 and gre.ceres

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