The wedding industry grows increasingly competitive year after year. With the advent of social media and a shifting focus from marketing one’s wares at physical events to online showcasing, the use of the internet has also come to play a vital component in ensuring that a business wins customers. Here, we take a look at how any company in the wedding industry, whether you are a photographer, florist, dressmaker, cake decorator, or anything in between, can win clients and make a profit in 2014.


Being a constant, friendly presence at wedding fayres is one way to raise your profile and attract custom. Ensure you have a range of photos and other materials for potential clients to handle. If you offer a service such as DJing or filmmaking, having examples of your work for people to listen to or watch will be useful. Other essentials include business cards, ‘goody bags’ for clients to take away and an eye-catching stand. The main thing is to ensure that everyone you talk to at the fayre will remember you after they have gone home.


We cannot stress enough just how important your online presence is in the world of wedding services today. You need to have a user-friendly website which showcases all of the services your company provides. It should also include contact details and testimonials from previous customers. Clients will consider testimonials carefully before making a decision, so ensure yours cover a range of different weddings you have worked at, and include contact details for each person who has given you a testimonial.




As well as having an engaging website, it is definitely worth having at least one social media outlet for your business as another way of raising your profile and engaging with clients. Your company’s Facebook page, for instance, can be used as a way to promote your business in a less formal setting. Why not run competitions, caption contests or raffles online as a way of getting people to visit your page?

One more way by which you can win new customers is to join a virtual Wedding Fayre directory. This is a website where you can advertise your service to potential customers, alongside many other wedding suppliers. The virtual Wedding Fayre operators dedicate time and effort to driving traffic to the site on behalf of all of their clients who offer wedding services, so your chances of being noticed increase manifold and thus your company is represented to its full potential.


By following this advice, you will ensure you are doing all you can to raise your company profile in 2014. It should be noted that there is still much value in participating in real life events. Fund raisers, village fayres and local charity events are all ways by which you can raise your profile on a local level. However, your ultimate aim for the coming year should be to have an influential presence both in the real wedding services world, and the virtual one.


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