Each year brings new trends and styles to jewelry and how to wear it, 2017 is no different. This summer’s jewelry style trends bring individuality. This article brings you the top jewelry fashion of summer 2017, inspired by the latest runway and emerging design themes in the world of jewelry design.


Last year brought in the minimal and delicate jewelry set. This year brings in the return of bright color and scale. Enamel and large colored gemstones will fill cocktail rings and statement earrings.

An Italian and Indian feel to the jewelry evokes a sense of ancient jewels. The playful use of bright tones are shaking up the jewelry trends for 2017 and prominent fashion gems in your rings and earrings are a must have this summer. Making a statement with gems is going to be a hot trend, especially in their rough form.


Hoops are making a comeback for summer 2017. Small, big, skinny or bold, they are all back and the style to wear this year. Ralph Lauren is the latest major label to add in hoops to its 2017 jewelry collection.

The recent runway models have had a surge of red, yellow and baby blue spiral hoops dazzling from their ears. The hoop style in every shape and size trend from the seventies is making a comeback and it looks fresher than ever.


2016 was the year of the choker, from black ropes to velvet ribbons. 2017 is turning the choker bolder, chunky collars are this summer’s jewellery must have. Wraps of metal, chains or fabric that swathe around the neck have been gaining momentum on the runway the last six months.

Asymmetric Earrings

Mismatching earrings is back in fashion and it creates drama and intrigues, making you look playful but powerful. Alexandra Wang has been igniting the style again on the catwalk and it’s on its way over to the high street for the summer.

You don’t even need to find two pairs of earrings to mismatch now, many shops have begun stocking pairs of mismatched earrings that combine a draping chain with a climber for a real dramatic look.

Rose Gold

2017 brings a shift towards feminine shades, bringing in the beautiful rose gold. 2016 brought in blush-pink ‘rose quartz’ which has filtered into rose gold for summer 2017. It’s not just for the Women; rose gold is hitting the men’s style trends bringing in sophisticated rose gold cufflinks.

Femininity and womanhood are being presented in this summer’s jewellery design and it’s bringing a calming touch amid boisterous, bold and often sculptural shapes. The rose gold is also hitting watches and earrings, giving a cute sparkle to any outfit.

Matching sets

While mismatching, long chains and asymmetry are huge in 2017, the world of fine and high jewelry for special occasions appears to be keeping their foot firmly in the tradition of matching earring and necklace sets.


A pearl entered out jewelry boxes again in 2016, but 2017 is not letting them go anywhere. This summer, jewelry trends will present pearls in fresh and unexpected ways. You should wear them clashed with colored gemstones and lassoed around the neck or flowing from the ear like droplets of water.

2017 takes the classic round pearl and makes it unique, a chance to celebrate undulating, organic and curvaceous pearls in all their glory. Pearl ear climbers paired with minimalist bracelets are the must-have combination this summer.

Baroque pearls are the new pearl on the scene and the misshapen features of them highlight edginess into fine jewelry. It puts a spin on what is recognized as a timeless, natural gemstone.

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