A bold red lip never goes out of style but you can still keep it trendy by slightly changing the hue of red that you use. Your summer lips should be just a tad brighter than what you would wear in the winter because with summer comes bold, bright colors and lots of heat. Update your red lip to capture some summer sizzle by investing in an orange-red lip color that won’t look out of place in the sun.

Why should you add orange to your summer lips?

1. A tangerine tint is a perfect complement to pool water turquoise or ocean blue. Orange and blue are complementary colors on the color wheel and with so much bright blue (think pool water, blue skies, beach waves, cocktails, etc.), it makes sense to complement that with a little pop of orange.

2. Orange is an instant mood brightener. While red is all about passion, orange is very positive and wearing just a shade of orange on your lips can help you feel happier.

3. A slight orange hue complements a more tan skin complexion which is exactly what you want as you tan up for summer. You’re definitely going to get even just a little tanner this summer with so much more sunshine and orange can be a perfect way to accentuate your newly bronzed skin. While a true red can feel very heavy in the summer, a little tangerine can lighten up your look.

4. An orange lip works best in the summer. It’s hard to pull off an orange-hued lip in the winter because such a bright color can look out of place in the dull, gray colors of winter. Take advantage of the season and wear a pop of color while you can.

Whether you’re convinced or just want to try it out, here are a few of our favorites:

MAC Cosmetics Lady Danger

USD $16

summer lips

Makeup Forever Satin Bright Orange 40

USD $20

Summer Lips

Chanel Excentrique 96

USD $35

Summer Lips

Dior Addict Fire 545

Summer Lips


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