Girls love surprises and the ones who say they don’t, haven’t been surprised right. The right gesture or gift at an unexpected moment is a joy unlike any other. The anticipation or opening a Christmas gift or the eagerness with which we look forward to Valentine’s Day pale in comparison to receiving something we didn’t know was coming. But women plan things. We take note of every detail and we’re involved with just about everything so how do you surprise your girlfriend? Our experts tell you how.

First off, there are several types of surprises. There are gestures and acts of service that we didn’t see coming, there are presents we weren’t expecting and there is the surprise party. If you’ve never surprised your girl before, start small. See how she reacts to small everyday surprises before you drop a whole party on her. Our suggestions:

  1. Have flowers delivered to her office.
  2. Bring her home her favorite dessert.
  3. Do a chore she normally does.
  4. Actually plan your next date night. If there’s an exhibit she’s been wanting to see, pick a restaurant close to the venue so you can casually drop in.
  5. Leave her a love note.
  6. Buy her a small gift, just because you know she’d love it.

If she’s perceptive to your gestures and appreciates your thoughtfulness, you can take it one step further which is to surprise her during an occasion. She might have already planned her birthday, but you can add an element of surprise by taking her out to a hotel staycation that evening. If she’s always commented on wanting a particular shoe, buy it for her (Remember to keep the receipt in case it’s the wrong size or color).

The key is to build trust. When she trusts you enough that she knows you are looking out for her and you’re not trying to ruin her day with a curveball, she’ll love the surprises you have in store for her whether it’s a weekend getaway, flowers when you walk in the door or coming home to a meal you’ve already made.

Ready to plan a bigger surprise? Read on for advice on planning something bigger.

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