Trends come and go in the beauty world, and the latest one to gain popularity in North America and beyond is having thick, full eyebrows. People want on fleek brows like Zendaya, Demi Lovato, and Sarah Highland, and many of them try to match these bold looks using pencils and powders. This makeup can change the look of the brows from day to day difference in application and is easily smudged, making it a frustrating addition to anyone’s routine.

Luckily, just as the trend of thick, beautiful brows framing the face is growing in popularity (no pun intended), the ways in which you can solve the problem of thinning brows is evolving, too. Innovative products and leading-edge beauty enhancements like brow embroidery and brow extensions can bring fuller, healthier, and more beautiful looking brows to your clients. These enhancements, as well as many others that you can find at, can keep your skills as an esthetician at the top of the pack. That’s because training facilities like Lashforever Canada employ only the best educators. Led by Lauren Spencer, a pioneer in leading-edge lash, brow, and beauty enhancements, this team can share with you their extensive knowledge on the most innovative techniques.

Brow embroidery can be described as a semi-permanent tattoo created through the use of medical grade, micro needles to artfully create shallow, featherlike incisions. The pigment is placed in the top most layers of the skin to mimic real, three dimensional brows, giving them a natural look. This technique, when performed correctly, can last as many as 3 years, making them an ideal enhancement for those tired of applying makeup every day.

This technique, which is also known as microblading, is less invasive and painful than older forms of permanent makeup. Training facilities such as Lashforever Canada are at the forefront of brow enhancement and have created a safe and accurate way of bringing a natural fullness with hair-like strokes. The certification awarded from their facility is the only one recognized by insurance companies because they employ the best trainers and use the highest quality products in the world.

Since the demand for bolder, thicker eyebrows are the hottest trend right now, you need to stay on top of the latest techniques in order to stay relevant. Learn the most innovative beauty enhancements by enrolling with the leading training facility in North America. Brow embroidery is the trendiest way to give your clients the same look as Demi Lovato and Sarah Highland. It’s time you learn how to do it.


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