Depending on where one may live, the month of May is potentially the perfect time for a nice, relaxing getaway. Whether it be for a couple, a family, or a group of friends, going away somewhere for even just a weekend can bring healing to the soul and relieve lots of stress.

May is the perfect time of year to accomplish this because, usually, the intense heat of the summer has not yet occurred, but it also is after all the rainy days of April. When planning to leave home and travel for a few days, it is always important to have the items that contribute to a good time.

This list of ten items can easily be expanded into a list of one hundred items for some people. This list was designed to help you remember to bring the basics along, as well as give you options for other items that may not have previously been on your packing list.

The internet is a great place to find these items and other great gear that you may have forgotten about. During the months of April and May, use this list as a starting point to go off of for packing everything thing you may need.

The Essentials

Many, if not all, people have at one time or another forgotten something essential to take along a trip, whether it be toilet paper, a toothbrush, a pillow, or your underwear, and the list goes on. The two main areas you should never overlook when packing to travel are toiletries and medicine.

Toiletries go without saying, and the majority of people do not have troubling remembering that because no one wants to go anywhere without putting on deodorant or having showered. The second item, however, is medicine and is easily forgotten by many people and is sometimes the most important thing to have. Before running out of the house, place some basic medicine in a bag just in case anyone gets sick or injured.

International Travel

Looking to travel abroad? Here are two items that will help accomplish that. An international carry-on suitcase is the first item and will easily wheel through any airport and can also be used as a carry-on.

For a hassle-free travel, use a suitcase made of carbon fiber. As carbon fiber is lightweight, this suitcase is durable and has a very sleek design.

When carrying a passport, a passport clip is a surefire way to ensure that nothing unfortunate happens to your passport and makes it easy to keep track of your most important document for international travelling.

Ten Items You Need for a Perfect May Getaway

Sporting Equipment

Everyone enjoys a little bit of competition from time to time, whether they like to admit it or not. A minivacation is a perfect time to bring out two different sports items, a football and tennis rackets.

Take the football down to the beach or to an open field. Just having a football is great to simply play catch or have a full-on game. After you rest up from tossing the football, head over to the tennis courts to work on that backhand and to do some cardio.

Sunny Days

During the warmer months of the year, travelling to the beach for a getaway is a must. Two items that should never be forgotten when out in the sun are hats and sunglasses. These two items provide both a sense of fashion and help protect the face and eyes from the sun.

The important thing is to find sunglasses that will meet both of these needs, but it doesn’t hurt to be fashionable while you’re at it. Don’t forget to research on the different kinds of sunglasses you can wear.

Ten Items You Need for a Perfect May Getaway


It is never truly a good time without some good music to set the mood or to create the energy. When travelling in a vehicle, music is usually easy to access by radio, but what about when you are away from the car and want to hear some good tunes?

That is why it is essential to pack the two most important means for playing music nowadays, a speaker and a phone. These days, it is very easy to find good-quality Bluetooth speakers that are water-resistant and are also very durable. Remember to take the cell phone along as well to connect the Bluetooth, and you will be all set for a good time wherever you are.

Don’t forget to buy a USB charger too so you don’t have to worry about empty batteries.

Take the Chill Pill

Many people stress about what to bring on a getaway trip and are just praying that they do not forget anything. The important thing to remember is a getaway is designed to help you take a break from your normal life and to get out to see something new.

If you make it to your destination and realize you have forgotten something, do not allow it to stress you out. Stress is exactly what you should be getting away from in the first place.


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