People with perfect skin may make it look easy, but maintaining the ideal skin tone and texture can be quite the challenge. While there is no shortage of skincare and makeup products, choosing the right product amongst the thousands available, and finding the right balance that reacts well with your personal skin type, can be a difficult task. It is all-too-common for individuals to go out shopping and find themselves back home with a number of products from different vendors,only to realize that they don’t have the quality that they were looking for. If you want quality, I recommend doing your research and looking into a variety of brands. When it comes to achieving gorgeous skin from my makeup products, I personally love La Bella Donna Makeup, and want to share some of my favorite picks with you!

  • La Bella Donna Vision of Mineral Lights – Great makeup products blend well with your natural appearance and complement it, rather than change your appearance. La Bella Donna Vision of Mineral Lights has been designed to specifically give you the natural tone that you would get after a vacation in a country close to the equator. Not only does this product deliver a beautiful, natural glow, but is also utilizes micro-ingredients that react to light which enhance your appearance against light. With varying shades, this product perfectly replicates natural skin tone. I am never without my Vision of Mineral Lights!

 La Bella Donna

  • La Bella Donna Minerals On the Go – So many of us would love to retouch our makeup throughout the day. But the reality is that most products are not exactly “travel friendly”. La Bella Donna Minerals On the Go is one of (the most amazing) products I found thus far for quick, easy, and convenient reapplication. This product uses a compact (and super soft) brush to dispense the powder solution onto your skin, and is perfect sizedto fit in your smallest hand bag or make up bag. This product is ideal for a quick touch up and is equipped with different dials so that you can quickly alter the level of coverage.

La Bella Donna

  • La Bella Donna BaciBaci Moisturizing Lip Sheer – While ordinary lip stick is ideal for a quick solution, I recommend using products that combine the superficial effects with a healthy influence on the skin. With La Bella Donna BaciBaci Moisturizing Lip Sheer, not only do you get 10 refreshing colors to choose from, you also get a healthy mix of ingredients that naturally improve the dermal quality of your lips.

La Bella Donna

Tips to Look Out For When Choosing Skin Products

While you really can’t go wrong by going for one or more of the products above, there are certain rules you should follow to ensure that you will be satisfied. First, consider getting products that have been recommended for all skin types (or products that are recommended for your specific skin type).Products that are recommended for all skin types are generally mild and will get the job done without causing unwanted side effects. Another tip would be to consider products comprising of natural ingredients!

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