All yoga practices had their physical foundation from the Hatha yoga. It forms the basis for all other yoga practices. A lot of paths of yoga that is been carried out, combines the founding principles of the groundparent to the craft. It is designed to open strengthen as well as cleanse the body. A lot of yogis first of all, get used to the Hatha yoga, then as their body masters the discipline, they move to a more challenging and demand style of yoga. They do this in order to completely awaken the mind and spirit.

According to the translation of Hatha yoga in Sanskrit, the meaning of “ha” is sun while “tha” means moon. Also, the word “yoga” is translated to be union, yoke or power. Hatha yoga is considered as a more scientific path of yoga and it comprises of a basic triad. It is so, to encourage the entire transformation of the body, as well as the mind; also, the terms used for postures/poses is asanas, breath control or pranayama; then lastly the technique for cleansing or shodhana.

Most instructors and practitioners of yoga in other parts of the world, might choose to modify the Hatha yoga asanas to suit their various fitness levels. This method of modifying the Hatha yoga, is not accepted by other yoga style purist. Asanas can be very simple. It can be as easy as lying flat on the floor, or may involve twisting, as well as stretching. Once a student gets used to the physical discipline, he or she will attain a new height of awareness through increased concentration and meditation. When yogis enters into other forms of rigorous yoga like Bikram, Ashtanga or Kundalini, they also use the tenets of the Hatha yoga to move to other advanced stages in their new path.

The Hatha yoga can be explored to a great extent, in order to properly control a restless mind, reduce stress and also enjoy peace. Here are the eight steps;

1. Asanas: steady poses
2. Pratyahara: a withdrawal of the human senses
3. Yamas: exploration of truth, morals as well as personal conduct
4. Niyamas: dropping of ego, contentment
5. Dhyana: exmines meditation
6. Dharana: perfecting concentration
7. Samadhi: experiencing the super-conscious state
8. Pranayama: this is the most common of all yoga practices in the western world. It involves control of breath and vital energy. It is done together with asanas.


Hatha yoga may provide many benefits. This can be emotional, physical, as well as mental benefits.

The physical improvements can be highlighted as;

• Help to improve digestion
• Help tone and strengthen muscles
• Provide flexibility in the spine and joints
• Increase the flow of blood as well as oxygen
• Offer better balance and posture of the body

As said before, the Hatha yoga also has emotional effects when practiced precisely. Although they might vary, those who have practiced and are dedicated to the discipline have laid claims of experiencing:

• Relief from stress
• Deeper relaxation as well as sleep
• Enhanced ability to concentrate fully
• Expanded consciousness and awareness

There are lots of benefits from practicing yoga. This is why everyone is encouraged to adopt the practice, so that they can live a healthy and happy life.

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