The Eyebrows Have It: Permanent Makeup and Microblading

At Western Dermatology Consultants in Albuquerque, the dermatology specialists frequently encounter people who are looking to get rid of their tattoos. But there is another group of people who come to the skin-focused practice for exactly the opposite: They are looking to get some ink. In these cases, though, the ultimate result is not a butterfly on the lower back or a lover’s name over the heart, but eyebrows that look naturally fuller and more defined.

There are two options for anyone with this goal in mind: permanent makeup and microblading.

Permanent makeup is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Also known as cosmetic tattooing, this technique is ideal for clients who can’t effectively apply their own makeup due to physical limitations, whose skin type doesn’t hold onto or react well with traditional cosmetics, or who simply want a reprieve from the daily wielding of pencils, brushes, and more.

Several permanent makeup choices exist. Whether the procedure is referred to as dermapigmentation, micropigmentation, or something else, it can include adding color and definition to the lips, mimicking the effects of eyeliner on the upper and lower lids, and giving the eyebrows more definition and a fuller appearance.

As with traditional tattooing, this is accomplished by pigment injected deep into the skin where it will stay—though cosmetic tattooing needles do not go quite as deep as their parlor-based counterparts. Because the procedure is such a sensitive one with significant ramifications, it is important to choose a provider with both experience and talent. Western Dermatology Consultants, for instance, employs a licensed permanent makeup artist who works in-house. This is important, because cosmetic tattooing differs from typical tattooing in that it frequently involves injection of pigment into especially sensitive areas with delicate skin. Think of how that might feel on the border of the upper lip or just below the eye.

Another, similar procedure, microblading, also involves the introduction of pigment into the skin to improve the look of the eyebrows, but rather than using a single needle to inject the ink, the artist uses a specialized tool with multiple fine needles attached. These needles can be carefully stroked through the eyebrow areas, creating hair-like lines that stay in the skin and look like the naturally growing eyebrow hairs around them. With microblading, the ink is deposited very superficially, but can create a look of fullness.

This feathered look that resembles natural hair is what sets it apart from cosmetic tattooing, which will typically create a more solid-looking eyebrow by first defining the borders, then filling everything in. Microblading is also differentiated from permanent makeup by its duration. Because the strokes are so light and the ink sits in the outer layers of skin (as opposed to deeper down), the look of full brows can fade over time. Microblading results can last one to several years, depending on the skill of the makeup artist, unique skin characteristics, environmental stimuli, and more.

Though the shallow positioning of ink in microblading means it has a relatively short shelf life—at least as tattoos go—this also works to its advantage, as the lines will appear even more like natural eyebrow hairs.

Obviously, the look is incredibly important, but safety and sterility are as important—if not more so. A licensed permanent makeup artist should maintain the highest professional standards, but can also answer questions about the procedure, hygiene, safety, expected results, and more. The idea is to make life easier by reducing the amount of time needed to sit in front of a mirror, making sure every line is in place. That only works if the work environment and all tools are clean and well maintained.

The licensed permanent makeup artist at Western Dermatology Consultants can help Albuquerque-area clients explore the results possible with permanent makeup and microblading. To learn more or book an appointment, visit the spa’s website or call (505) 855-5503.



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