As women, we all would like to keep up with the latest trends in the world of fashion but, let’s face it, as mothers and wives, life is just too busy to keep up with the ever-changing face of fashion. While I don’t profess to be able to keep up with it all, I will try to impart a little wisdom in the fabulous world of handbags.

Perusing the pages of Elle magazine, reading numerous review of Paris and Milan Fashion week 2011 have yielded the same conclusions. The first major handbag trend for 2011 is color, color, and more color. The bolder and brighter the color, the better. This color trend even extends so far as to combine more than one of these “in your face” colors on one handbag. Rarely have bright colors and animal prints been seen together and may not sound attractive, but, let me tell you, I have seen it and IT IS HOT! However, if you are not a lover of bright, bold colors, do not despair, for there are other trends that may suit you.

Another handbag trend that can be found in fashion magazines and runways alike is the vintage style handbag. In other words, handbags that draw their style inspiration from the handbags seen in the 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s. The top handle satchel, daytime clutch, and shoulder bag are the three most prominent handbags inspired by the fashion of decades gone by. Something that is not common among the shoulder bags is the length of the strap. While many shoulder bags were, in the past, made to fit right under the armpit, that trend is slowly being replaced as the strap of the shoulder bag is growing longer and longer. Many of the shoulder bags spotted on the Milan and Paris runway came down the the models’ hip, a definite change from the “right under the armpit” shoulder bag of not so long ago.

One of my personal favorite trends right now is the ever-popular hobo. Roomy, comfortable to carry around, and sleek looking on your arm, this is perhaps THE most popular handbag on the market right now. The hobos seen on the Milan runway were made of slouchy soft leather and, while these too are seen in the bright and bold colors, you will also see these in the more muted neutral colors as well. This is the perfect handbag for the modern woman on the go who needs to have lots of space for the many items she is constantly stuffing into her busy life and her purse.

In conclusion, I think it is safe to say that, with the diversity of the handbags that are trendy right now, any woman can find a handbag that suits both her needs and her style and still be fashionable at the same time.

As the owner of [], I feel it not only helpful but absolutely necessary to keep up with these trends so that I can always make sure my celebrity inspired handbags are beautiful, affordable, and TRENDY at the same time.

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