Not every bra is made to be worn with every style of dress. Wearing a white bra with shoulder straps with a form fitting off the shoulder dress is not attractive or stylish in the slightest. Even a sexier style bra that is easily visible through a backless dress is not an acceptable fashion combination. Choosing the right bra for your dress can be the difference between elegance and just plain tackiness. How the bra works with the dress is not the only consideration – the right bra will also accentuate your figure, while providing a smooth lines to accent the dress.

The Huffington Post revealed that one of the most common mistakes made by women concerning bras is making the assumption that one bra will be perfect for every situation. When you choose the right bra, you will have confidence that you dress will flow smoothly. The style of bra that you choose will depend on both – the style and color of the dress. Bras come in a wide range of styles and colors – ranging from purely practical to extremely sexy.

Determining which bra to wear with what dress is not as complicated as it may seem. The key is understanding that fashion is constantly evolving, meaning that styles and fabrics are changing seasonally. However, there are some dress styles that remain timeless, relevant and popular. The type of bras that are normally worn with these types of dresses are more on the practical side – providing support and lift for your breasts. In this instance, these bras are not a focal point of your attire.

Backless Dresses

The elegant and feminine appearance of backless dresses can totally be ruined by wearing the wrong bra. This is a common mistake among many women. Wearing bras with visible shoulder straps or back bands on full display is not attractive and it is definitely not elegant. There are some options in bra types that will accentuate this dress type quite well.

There are bras with transparent straps that reduce the visibility of the straps without sacrificing the support and comfort you desire. These type of bras come in an array of colors. Normally, the back band on these style bras are transparent or flesh toned. You also have the option of wearing a strapless bra with a flesh toned back band.

Form Fitting Dresses

Form fitting dresses, as well as silk dresses, have a tendency to cling to the body, meaning that the seams of most bras will be clearly visible – detracting from the look of the garment. You should use a seamless bra for these types of dresses. There are actually seamless bras that have no seams at all, with the exception of where the straps connects to the cup. Other seamless bras are only seamless in the cup area. These bras help create a smooth look that is absent of bulges and visible lines.

According to We Women, bra shape should be considered as well. Make sure that the shape of the bra accentuates the natural lines of the dress. This will reduce bulges and unnatural creases in the dress.

Halter Neck Dresses

Halter neck dresses consists of a single strap that either ties or hooks behind the neck. These style dresses leave the back uncovered. The halter neck bra is the best style of bra to wear with this style of dress. This bra is held around the neck an there is no back band.

The Right Size

Don’t become so consumed with style that you forget about size and comfort. Wearing the wrong size bra can also detract from the attractiveness of the dress. Not only that, it can create a considerable amount of discomfort. According to a special report by eBay, comfort and support should also be considered when choosing the right bra to wear with a specific dress. The longer you will be wearing the bra, the more these elements will come into play.

There is no cookie cutter approach to choosing the right bra for a particular dress, but using these basic guidelines will help you make some practical and fashionable choices that you will be happy with.

Jamie Mcmackin adores fashion. He frequently writes about the basics of finding beautiful and flattering looks on style blogs.

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