Have you ever found yourself thinking the following statements or questions?

• I have no idea what topic to write about.
• I don’t know if I can make my articles as long as 500 words! I’m stuck!
• What keywords should I use? What are the most popular keywords used in this field?
• Which products should I feature? There’s so many of them!
• I really have run out of creative ideas.

If this is the story behind your rut, then don’t worry – most, if not all writers experience a case of writer’s block every now and again. Some of them get stuck trying to find fresh ideas and inspirations, and this causes them to stop writing for a while.

In article submission, this is expected, especially for those who are in the habit of creating and recreating similar content. Sometimes, you just run out of ideas on how to make everything sound different through your words, and every attempt to finish your article is made in vain.

Article submission only came about through the advent of article writing, a sizzling-hot Internet marketing trend employed by many blog owners and businessmen today. The beauty of this strategy is that it drives traffic to your website and promotes your products without the hefty added cost normally associated with these types of services.

However, don’t fret as it takes time to really get into the groove of writing piece after piece. It takes a few months to establish a habit, which is why you need to find your own when it comes to writing.

How then do you get your groove back? The key is simply INSPIRATION. Find something that inspires you. Don’t try to stare at your computer monitor for hours trying to come up with something, as this only worsens writer’s block. Travel, go see a film, or have a coffee with your friends – relax. This will help your brain ease up, allowing it to be more receptive to ideas and become less tired and stress.

As a warning, you may not be able to come up with anything revolutionary in the process. However, in the greater scheme of things, it is much harder to come up with something if you stick yourself deeper and deeper into your hole. The best way to feel refreshed and invigorated is to come out of that hole and take a breather.

Once you have gotten over your writer’s block, don’t forget to keep your content up to standard – that is, make sure you have a great title, a coherent article, and a link back to your website. If all else fails, try hiring a copywriter to do your writing for you – but remember to train them so that they will deliver the message the way you want it to come out.

Would you like to learn more? Download a free chapter of my new ebook here: Article Bully.

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