We were recently researching UK 2019 social media habits on Google for a new article we’re writing when we came across UK car leasing firm All Car Leasing’s latest study into the social media habits of drivers and we just had to share their findings. Although the study wasn’t all about social media it still piqued our interest at the Sweet Style Blog office.

They found that millennials were the most snappy happy generation of all that responded to it. 50% of respondents in the 25-34 age bracket admitted to sharing a snap of their beloved motor on social media. All Car Leasing also probed the main reason people purchased their vehicle and surprise surprise it was millennials who were the only ones who valued looks over everything else about the car such as reliability, performance and practicality.

Next, All Car Leasing probed into the habits of private plate owners and found that perhaps they were the most vain of all. They found that people who have private plates were the most likely to share on social media with 58% of cherished plate owners doing so, they were the most likely people to wash their car at least once a week, they were more likely as a group to share on social media (higher than the millennials on their own) and over half of them had modified their car after the purchase period. If that’s not vain then I don’t know what is!

Anyway, we reached out to Ronnie Lawson-Jones, the chief architect of the study and he had this to say – “This has been one of the most fun studies we’ve done, and we’ve done a fair few. The results have been fascinating”. Fascinating indeed.

Anyway, we haven’t done the study much justice so we recommend taking a look at the infographic Chris Taylor made or listen to their five star rated podcast!

Doin it for the gram

Doin’ it for the ‘gram by All Car Leasing

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