The Italian Leather handicrafts man Mr GucciIo Gucci has established the Gucci brand in 1938.Mr Gucci In Italian Florence Via Condotti opened Gucci shop and began his fashion clothing hegemony.Like majority of international brands,the rising of the Gucci should thank the star’s effect.the 1960s’Hollywood stars are photographed many times with the Gucci handbags,which indrectly created the propaganda for Gucci.Including renowned Hollywood movie star Audrey Hepbum and American First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.she used Gucci handbag frequently.this Gucci handbag is known as the “Jackie” name.

The most glorious period of the Gucci can be said that is the day Tom Ford hold the post of the chief creative office day,Tom Ford was described brims with the fashion designer for the contemporary most talent.enjoying the very high fame and the authority in the fashionable clothing, the crest of wave is unmatched in his time.he also rewrote Gucci for being authorized many Small business in the 1980s to produce causes the negative image of the Gucci brand. quality dropped and 180reversed Gucci Predicament of walking bankruptcy and made gucci brand leap into the 1990s important fashion brand.

Tom Ford involved used the high tech and quality lining to design fashion Gucci clothing,which has led the new dirextionfashion requirement on the marequest cotton material.Tom Ford led many times fashion tidal current during his term,which made Gucci and the fashion draws the in 1995 fall and winter fashion show, supermodel Kate Moss wear gucci velvet low shorts ,the fibroin shirt and matches lining rough work-soiled informer’s look on the T stage which rapidly become the international star celebrity imitates.

But Tom Ford announced his dimission in April,2004,which caused a stir in the entire fashion,at that time some one thought that Gucci dynasty will be ended. But replaces Tom Ford designer Alessandra Facchinetti has left,after only designing two season clothings to complete fall and winter working in 2005.Luckily,Gucci found suits the candidate to rally the hegemony, promotes Mark Lee as the CEO, invites Italian female designer Frida Giannini to be responsible for the female attire and the matches design,and the men’s clothing invited John Ray.

After John Ray and Frida Giannini taking over,new season Gucci men and women attire work has been appreciated.Frida Giannini designed the La Pelle leather series for 2005 year Gucci fall and winter,which designed by luxurious idea for remoulding Gucci brand two big classics marking design- “double G” and “Horsebit”, and designed by the 1950s and 1960s as the subject, which bring the biggest surprised for Gucci after Tom Ford leaving.

Frida Giannini promotes the spring and summer Gucci Lavender ssima series in 2006,which obtains warm appreciation by fashion media. Although the men and women Gucci attres also hovered Tom Ford’s shadow,they were successful leading Gucci to go out form Tom Ford ‘s shadow, which proved Gucci dynasty as before. However, whether like did the Gucci Group President Robert say, developing his business to the NO.1 of the fashion clothing in the seven years,we should be waiting for.on September 16, 2008,original Gucci president Mark Lee left, the Gucci group announced that Patrizio Di Marco is incumbent Gucci president.

Gucci handbag,Seeking to the beauty of the detail,making you feel the detail always bring you more charm on

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