Everyone’s had a bad hair day. Whether you’ve had to leave the house quickly with your hair still wet, or a gust of wind has blown your perfectly coiffed mane into a frizzy mess that only abstract sculptors could appreciate, there will always be times when your hair just isn’t up to scratch.

But, what if you were having a bad hair day every day?

It can happen – whether your hair is as dry as a desert or as frizzy as a… thing that’s really frizzy, there can be times when salvaging any hope for it seems as improbable as taking your follicles to Mars.

And yet, there is hope at hand, as almost any head can be helped out with some of these top tips to inject more life into your hair.

Try a chemical free shampoo

You’d be amazed at how many chemicals, detergents and cleansing agents are in the shampoo that you use every day! And, although they make shampoo cheaper to produce, all of these additives can damage your hair in the long run.

This is especially true if your hair is vulnerable to dryness or outbreaks of frizz, which is why you should move onto a chemical free shampoo for a healthier impact on your hair.

With a chemical free shampoo, you’ll find that a number of the protective layers surrounding your follicles and scalp won’t be stripped away after a good scrub, allowing your hair to remain clean while still maintaining its natural sheen.

Give your hair the restaurant treatment with home remedies

You’ve probably heard of home remedies and imagined some old lady insisting upon some mad, outdated theory or other, like a mediaeval alchemist claiming that newts on your stomach will help with your constipation.

But, not all home remedies are mad, and a number of them could help put the sheen back into your hair.

For instance, why not try mixing some eggs and coconut oil together in a shower cap and letting it sit on your head for about 30 minutes, allowing the proteins of the food to mix in with your hair and give it some shine?

While it might seem a bit questionable, these remedies can help you in your efforts for better hair. So, look up some home remedies and see what they can do for you.

Eat your way to better hair

Like everything else concerning our body, our diet directly affects our hair, so optimise what you’re eating to aid the oil in those strands.

If your scalp is dry and bringing your hair down, then chances are you’re running low on omega three, which can be found in foodstuffs such as fish or hemp oil. Also, make sure to cut down on an overabundance of sugar, as you’ll find that this can lead to a greater level of dandruff and a flaky scalp.

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