Time is gold, but that doesn’t mean watches should be gold too. One of the emerging trends in today’s eco-conscious world are wooden watches. They used to be only worn by hipsters lounging in art museums and surfers bumming in beaches. Two groups that didn’t really care what the time was and only looking for: one, a product made from reclaimed wood for the hipsters and two, water-resistant watches for the surfers. These days, with trendsetters flaunting their wooden watches, everyone with an eye for fashion is scrambling to get one for himself/herself. The sudden interest is not a surprise, though. Here are five reasons why wooden watches are the rage these days.

  1. Exclusivity

The best thing about wooden watches is the fact that none of them are the same. Customizations notwithstanding, the grain in every slab of wood used in making these watches is different. Even the most affordable wooden watch can give you the exclusivity that more expensive metal ones give their owner. Furthermore, you have several different types of wood to choose from: bamboo, ebony, zebrawood, maple, and sandalwood and so on. Brown, the perennial color of wood, also has an array of variations to choose: yellowish brown, whitish brown, reddish brown, dark brown, and blackish brown and more.

  1. Trendsetters are ‘woke’

These days, trends no longer just pertain to fashion and gadgets. Frequently, trends revolve around advocacies and the famous people championing them. One of the most popular and prevalent advocacies today is the protection of our environment. If you’re bent on supporting this advocacy, then a wooden watch is just what you need. Made from biodegradable materials, wooden watches are eco-friendly and devoid of harmful chemicals that are toxic to the environment. Furthermore, some of the materials that are needed for non-wooden watches such as gold for the casing and diamonds for adornment are mined by child laborers in third world countries.

  1. They are hypoallergenic

Often, prolonged skin contact with metal results to allergies and other unpleasant skin reactions. Perspiration, caused by intense activity or simply because of the humidity, doesn’t go well with metal watches. Aside from allergies or rashes on the skin, metal watches themselves degrade over time with continued contact. Sweat marks come first, then a few fades, and before you know it, your hundreds of dollars’ worth watch has lost its luster. Wooden watches, on the other hand, are hypoallergenic. Your skin will not suffer any harmful effect even if you’re doing strenuous activities while wearing a wooden watch. Since wooden watches for sale are made from a hundred percent natural wood, toxic chemicals such as nickel and radium are totally nonexistent, making them extremely comfortable to wear.

  1. Exquisiteness

Wood ages beautifully. It doesn’t matter whether it’s used in making furniture, accessories, sculptures, roofs or even walls. Whatever it is made into, aging wood shows off an alluring vintage look. Indeed, aged wood equates to classical rusticity and sturdiness. Moreover, the materials used in wooded watches vary. Some of the most common include the readily available bamboo, ebony that comes from Western Africa and Southwest Asia, maple from North America and Europe, sandalwood from India and Sri Lanka, and zebrawood from Africa. The more luxurious types are those that are made from sandalwood and zebrawood, although some luxe watch manufacturers also use the other types of wood for their more premium offerings. 5. Affordability The most surprising factor of the five listed here, wooden watches are generally more affordable than their metal counterparts and only marginally more expensive than cheap plastic ones. Of course, though, the more premium of the bunch made from rare wood such as sandalwood and zebrawood cost more than your average metal watch but are still leagues more economical than gold or even platinum watches. It’s time to board the bandwagon. The world of fashion and by extension, that of accessories, is no stranger to passing fads. Fashion trends that are pretentious, impractical, and most of all, harmful to the environment. This is not one of them. Wooden watches are likely to stay as what’s in for the foreseeable future.

Hurry up and jump on this steaming hot trend, because you know, time is gold.

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