Tips on Starting an Instagram Account for Fashion Bloggers to Become an Instant Star

Instagram is fashion bloggers haven, and this article will review the step by step approach to creating a winning blog for fashion industry marketers to establish as a virtual start. This step-by-step approach is a guideline to the end-to-end process of fashion blogging.

Starting a fashion page

The primary search engine studies have shown that style, beauty, fashion trends are some of the major search terms on these engines and the fashion how-to blogs have a huge following on digital media platforms. In every possibility, we can assume that fashion blogging has a great hype and not only the corporate fashion houses, but this opportunity is also open for even the individual fashion experts who want to make a mark.

If you are a fashion reviewer, then unlike the random makeup and clothing review you are invited to on fashion event, blogging is a successful way to set your foot in the industry. It is not easy and instant, but persistence and dedication can surely take you to more heights on the go. The real questions for which you need to have clear-cut answers will be:


  • How to launch a notable fashion blog?
  • How to differentiate your blog through Instagram from the sea of similar blogs?


Launching an Instagram profile

You first need to figure out how to name your page. Remember you need to be catchy in the title itself, but something which is simple for the readers to understand what your blog is all about and what they may expect. Having a simple and elegant title will let the reader know that you are a serious and not just another basic simple fashion blog.

Some basic rules to follow if you own one

It is not difficult to build a fashion blog and Instagram account, but you need to be persistent in terms of your efforts to promote it and take it to real people. The world of digital promotions and traffic generation is competitive, and you need to struggle to gain attention and make your voice heard by the target audience, among the real ‘noise’ out there.

As in any other business, to stand out in the crowd, you have to put something great on the table. For many successful Instagrammers, it’s a unique style and personality they have built. Here are some key points you need to be aware in terms of fashion blogging.

  • Discuss celebrity style

Most of the girls and women across the globe who are the target audience of fashion pages at the first point are on the lookout for the latest tastes of the celebrities and dream dressing like them. It is an opportunity for the Instagram fashion pages to discuss celebrity styles as a sure-shot way to generate interest in people and build a follower group.

  • Flaunt yourself with approachable clothing

Featuring celebrities may not be enough as most of the times ordinary users do not believe that they have access to the celebrity styles as it is too costly and rate to grab. So, you can try and inspire the followers for Instagram with your own outfits, but remember to make the clothes you present are reasonably affordable so that the readers can easily identify it with them.

  • Post frequently, but worthy

You need to consistent on your efforts when it comes to social media promotions like Instagram. You can set aside a specific day of the week or two for blogging about the latest trends and upload a couple of photos regularly. It is noted that most of the successful bloggers of a fashion shoot a topic once in every three to four days. You can share tips with the followers or tell them stories, but focus on the quality of what you share than doing it for the sake of simply hitting the counts.

  • DIY projects are the latest hit

No doubt that women love fashion and at the same time want to be creative, so it is a good approach to try and teach them how to make their style unique. Being a fashion enthusiast, you can easily identify the topics which interest you and write about it in a language comfortable for your audience and keep them entertained.

  • Avoid making your fashion feeds advertisement

While planning for Instagram posts as well as blog posts, you have to be very picky in the selection of topics and images shared. Even though you can efficiently use your page and posts for advertising your products, make sure that you avoid from making it one big advertisement. People used to get bored with the sponsored articles and blogs.

  • Be 100% original

One big mistake made by fashion bloggers is just to copy other’s work. In the open world of internet, it is so easy to spot the source of what you post and any random follower can understand what you do and how. So, always be genuine and only post 100% original content by you to your audience.

  • The way of presentation is everything

Similar to your appearance, your blog presentation also have a lot of things to do in terms of impression making. Branding is a comprehensive approach, and any contact you make with the followers through real or virtual platform should be taken excellent care of in terms of elegant presentation. It is okay to hold your blog or Instagram page from getting published if you are trying to figure out how your page should look like. It is always advisable to maintain a classy site.

No doubt that Instagram is a highly popular visual platform fashion promoters can rely on than Twitter, Facebook or other leading social media platform. With more than 700 million active users and 95 million photos posted daily, you can also leverage its capability to reap the best results on this platform.


Author bio: Catherine McLean is a fashion blogger with digital marketing skills. She has a large number of followers for Instagram posts, and she shares tips to for the new groups on how to do digital promotions.


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