As the summer fades away and the cooler days of fall roll in, most people are already planning their winter vacation and where they will be spending time in the tropics when the days get unbearably cold. Whether you have only a week-long vacation or have several to spend in that lovely, warm air, it’s time to start getting your things together so that you are ready to step on the plane when that happy day arrives. Here are a few tips to help you begin getting your act together.

winter in the tropics

End of Season Shopping Bargains

One thing you might want to do is look at all those end of season sales that are currently going on in your local department stores. This is where you can pick up some of the best deals on clothing because they are looking to reduce their summer inventory to bring in the winter clothes that will soon be lining their shelves. That new bikini you’ve been wanting? Well, now is the time! It’s on sale for 50% off and where can you get a deal like that before December? It’s unlikely, so jump on it today!

Prepare Your Body for the Hot Tropical Sun

Something that many women fail to realize is that it is a shock to go from freezing cold temperatures to warm, no hot, tropical sunshine. Start preparing your body early with moisturizers to keep your skin supple when stepping from 15° F to 105° F. Not only is the immediate temperature change a shock but your skin may not be ready for those UV rays. Keep in mind that spring precedes those hot summer days under normal circumstances.

Here you are stepping onto a plane in freezing weather and stepping off in a hot, humid tropical climate. Bring along high value SPF sunscreens and check out the Startifacts Bikini Shaving Guide to get that bikini line cleaned for that new bikini you just bought at half price. Your skin will be smooth as a baby and ready to hit the beaches the moment you get there.

Start Packing NOW

Also, those summer shorts and beachwear that you will be needing on your vacation won’t be needed here at home in cold fall and winter weather, so start packing now. Once you’ve finalized your vacation plans and know exactly where you will be staying, begin getting that luggage together. Start with all the necessities and go from there as room is permitting. When the day comes to step on that plane, you’ll be secure in knowing that everything is in order and you are simply, ready to go.

Don’t wait until the last minute like you do every other year. Get things ready well in advance so that you can have a fun and stress-free winter vacation in the tropics. From that bikini line that you usually forget to shave to the dresses you will be wearing to those evening soirees, have everything in order and you will finally be able to enjoy every minute of your vacation – maybe for the first time in your life. Won’t that be great? You bet it will!

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