Solo travel is a matchless and life-enriching experience. You can enjoy a place without interferences and can travel exclusively on your terms. It allows introspection and helps to develop self-assurance.

Solo travellers appear to be capable and spirited. It’s motivating to me that people admire those who travel on their own. For me, solo travel means a variety of things but its essence lies in having a new level of confidence and the freedom to discover people and places.

Women solo traveling endeavors are on the rise, particularly due to many tours specially planned for them. But it is certainly not stress-free – even for those who do it frequently. Women traveling solo may describe loneliness and safety concerns as the perils of solo travel.

So I share with you these tips or say secrets to shed your veiled apprehensions and make your solo travels amazing and safe. I hope they give you the push to book your ticket and delight in the trip of a lifetime!


  1. Be Spontaneous

The greatest advantage with traveling solo is to be spontaneous.  Plan a trip for the sake of joy. Surprises make you happy. Last-minute plans for a low-cost trip can be exciting.

  1. A Small City Makes a Big Difference

Once you have decided to step out solo one point to keep in mind is to select a small city as your destination. In comparison to large iconic cities people of smaller cities are more friendly, approachable, and ready to help you. Moreover, in less crowded cities you can spend time in peace and get an opportunity to learn something about yourself.

  1. Pack Smart

Do your research on the weather of your destination and pack your luggage accordingly. Instead of relying on the evening news or newspapers, gather information from different sources. Carrying a few essential grooming accessories like sun-glasses, a pair of comfortable sandals, a long scarf, face moisturizer and body spray can make you look cool and stylish at the same time!

  1. Accommodation Matters
  • For those who travel single, accommodation is often the most expensive part of the trip. Places of accommodation such as hotels with cafes and casual lounges allow you to meet other travelers and locals and exchange valuable information with them.
  • Your accommodation should be in the center of all the foremost attractions of your destination. The farther you travel the greater the amount of money you spend in transportation and greater the chances of getting lost in a new place.
  • Do not forget to ask about any discounts and surcharges before checking-in; it can make a huge difference in the cost of your trip. Ask for facilities that are included in the accommodation cost. Go online and search a safe area before you confirm the accommodation.
  1. Do Not Fret over Your Budget

Money solves many problems while you are traveling solo but that need not prevent you from enjoying the trip to the fullest. Do not fret over your budget. You can occasionally choose a luxurious hotel room when you want some pampering.

  1. Your Safety on Your Mind
  • Looking for the best and the safest place on reaching your destination can be tiring and you may not get what you are looking for. It is better to get your accommodation booked in advance, at least for the first day of your stay.
  • Avoid booking a room around train-stations as there is a risk of running into unsavory elements. Always ask for the best room. Never choose the ground floor as they are easily accessible to outsiders.
  • Always book a room which is close to elevator. Always ask for rooms with reprogrammable key-cards. These key-cards are customized for each guest and thus offer better security. Also carry a doorstop for hotels where key-cards and deadbolts are uncommon.
  • Never arrive after dark as it is problematic to find accommodation if you find you have chosen the wrong place to stop over at.
  1. Solo Travel Doesn’t Mean Traveling Alone

Age does not matter when you are out traveling solo. Once you start exploring your travel destination you will come across solo travelers of all ages and interests. Traveling solo does not necessarily mean that you travel the entire place alone.

You can join same-interest groups and stay away from the feeling of loneliness for some time. Interacting with fellow tourists is a great way of learning more about not just your destination but also about the countries/regions they are from, and gain a new perspective.

  1. Celebrate the Change
  • Do not be a shy traveler; you have every right to travel on your own.
  • Of course, your chosen destination will be different from your home. Celebrate the differences; there could be a number of lessons in it for you.
  • Sometimes the food will not be good and sometimes your plans will get delayed. But do not moan and embrace the unexpected.
  • Do not worry about your stuff getting stolen. Expect to meet kind and respectable people and you will be surprised to find goodness fall into your path.
  • Do something you would usually not do. Speak to the locals and learn some local words and something about the local culture.
  • Give them small gifts as gifting spreads joy. Share things about you and do not hesitate to teach them something which makes them curious about your culture.
  1. Carry your pet

What could be better than carrying your pet along with you on solo travel?  A well-trained dog can be an aid in times of emergency. Moreover, people with bad intent will choose to stay away from you after knowing you are accompanied by an animal.

But a well-groomed dog with attractive dog apparel and dog accessories can attract people towards you. Your adorable and beautiful dog can be a topic of discussion everywhere you go.

Dog grooming during solo travel is not as difficult as it seems. Several stylish dog accessories like necklaces and ties, dog clothes as well as dog shoes are available which are light-weight and can be easily carried along with your luggage. Many squeaker dog toys are available in market. You do not need company when you and your dog can enjoy outdoor tug games with dog toys.

Go solo and connect with people the way you always wanted!


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