Tom Ford is a fashion designer who has stores in New York, Vegas, Milan, Tokyo, and several other places. He is best known for saving Gucci and turning it into the company that it is today. He designs both men and women’s fashion.


While many actresses have been publicized wearing his designs, women are not the only ones who love wearing clothes by Tom Ford. Many men are interested in his line of clothing and want to experience his innate sense of fashion. Today, we are going to discuss the men’s clothing by Tom Ford and what you should be wearing.


Tom Ford News- Q: What type of clothing does Tom Ford design for men?

A: Tom Ford designs many different types of clothing for men. In his collection, you will find jackets, shirts, pants, shoes, and blazers. He also designs many accessories, including belts, bandanas, pocket squares, and bracelets. Other items are also available in his collections, including eyewear.


Q: What styles are currently on the rack right now?


A: The spring and summer collection by Tom Ford features many of the designs that followers of this designer have come to know and love. Gorgeous, yet comfortable and shapely sunglasses are combined with crisp and fun tailored suits in various shades of light colors that are perfect for the hot days to come. Special occasions can still be fashionable and dressy, though, with the darker and more sophisticated suits and blazers that are also available. Each outfit is combined with several different accessories, including belts, jewelry, and bandanas.



Q: What type of designs will be available for this fall?


A: For fall and winter this year, Tom Ford has designed stylish and warm clothing that will last all season long. Most of the clothing is dark, coming in various shades of purples and dark blues. There are vests, wool coats, cashmere sweaters, jeans, and coats made of suede. A few pieces in the collection have plaid or paisley prints.


Hot Tom Ford News- Q: Does he design his own fragrances?

A: For many people, an outfit is not complete until you use the right kind of fragrance. As luck would have it, Tom Ford also has his own cologne. It is called Tom Ford for Men. This fragrance is made up of black pepper, grapefruit blossom, orange blossom, patchouli, oak leaf, and much more. When you spray it, it has a slightly sweet patchouli and woodsy scent that lasts for quite a while.


His other men’s fragrance, Tom Ford Extreme, is much bolder than Tom For for Men. It combines the scents of patchouli with Italian fig, cedarwood, and black truffles. This cologne is one that is complex, but also very seductive.


Tom Ford once said “Fashion is everything. Art, music, furniture design, graphic design, hair, makeup, architecture, the way cars look–all those things go together to make a moment in time, and that’s what excites me.” I hope this article has helped you find what excites you when it comes to Tom Ford fashion. Get more on Tom Ford news


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