Top 3 Spring Styles for Your Home

When it comes to loving the home that you live in, you’ll need to change the trends to keep up with your lifestyle. These changes can be as simple as altering the curtains and decorations in a room or more extravagant like kitchen remodeling. Check out these top three Spring styles you should be updating your existing home with.

The Brighter Kitchen

When you consult the All Star Construction team about your kitchen renovation, they’ll be able to help you with design trends. In the late 2000s, the white kitchen spoke of a modern era. However, it’s become outdated over the years and brightly colored kitchens are now in style. From the light matting of the cabinets to the lighter-hued countertops, you want to keep it looking sleek and elegant.

While stainless steel is still very much in, you’ll want to consider offsetting the steel with brighter cabinets. Greens, blues, and mustard hues are the most commonly used. Opting for under the counter appliances is another great tip to keep your kitchen looking modern. To make your kitchen more usable, you may want to consider covered kitchen sinks and deep drawers.

Open Shelving

One of the most exciting trends for your home is open shelving. Instead of keeping your items hidden behind doors and cabinets, it’s now trendy to showcase your belongings. For example, open shelving in your bathroom is very practical. Using it to keep things that you use on a daily basis easily accessible is a time-saver. In addition, removing kitchen cabinets to clear the wall space is a popular trend. Homeowners can choose to install open shelving in various styles to add design accents to their kitchen area.

The Open Floor Plan

Ask any remodel contractor in Houston what the biggest design trend is for spring style and they’ll tell you an open floor plan. By busting out walls and creating more open rooms you’ll be able to let in the sunshine and light up those darker rooms. With a quick assessment for those load-bearing walls, you can identify what walls can be broken down and which ones can’t. This will allow you to get an idea of what types of rooms you can create and the amount of open space you can enjoy.

Most home remodelers start with the kitchen and dining room. Having an open concept between these two rooms allows for more spacious kitchens and dining rooms alike. Integrating the living room with the kitchen and/or dining room is another popular option. In master bedrooms, you’ll find the bedroom itself being integrated with the master bathroom. Think about how you can open up certain areas of your home to create more space which can make your home feel less confined.

As a homeowner, you’re going to be changing around your home from time to time. Remodels are a very popular task to undertake as you decide that your lifestyle has changed from what it once was. Maybe you enjoyed those laminate counter tops years ago, but know you want concrete ones. Regardless of the reason, be sure to take into account the popular spring style trends so you increase the value of your home while doing remodeling projects.


Author Bio: Bethany Campbell is prior military, serving in the Army for 6 years as a Mental Health Specialist in Germany and Georgia. She’s been a content writer in the Marketing Industry for almost a decade. She now writes for several blogs, including the,, and blog.

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