Kurti is considered a dressing staple for every occasion and which any woman can use to look trendy, stylish, and elegant at any time of the day or night. Whether you are looking for the right outfit for daily wear, for office, college or something to make you look your best during parties, you will never fail to find solace in Kurtis owing to the variety of styles, designs, and types. If you are shopping for your next festival-kurti, or you have a party coming up and you don’t just know how to make the right choice, here are a few tips to help you and ensure that at the end of the day, you will be amongst the most glamorous people during the events:

Learn about the fabrics

One beautiful thing about kurti is that they are available in a wide range of fabrics which you can choose according to how you think it will be befitting for the event. You are at liberty to choose cotton, silk, georgette, organza, satin, velvet and brocade festival kurti amongst others. When you make your decision on the kind of fabric to choose from, just be sure to stick to the natural fabrics and avoid all the synthetic fabrics. The synthetic fabrics may not be as comfortable as their natural counterparts and they may also hug your body, thus failing to highlight your strong features if you are lucky to be well-endowed.

Think about the pairing

Top Tips to Help You Choose Your Next Festival Kurtis

It is sad to observe that since kurti are versatile when it comes the range of bottoms that can be used with them; so many women never give a thought about the kind of bottoms they are using with the kurti. For festival or party-kurti for example, it is imperative to get the pairing right if you are to stand out in the crowd and get noticed. Even though there are thousands of options, for party setups, consider pairing your Kurti with either matching or contrasting shorts, leggings, jeggings, trousers or jeans. Bottom such as Capri or churidar may not be the most ideal for such kinds of setups. 

Consider the detailing        

Top Tips to Help You Choose Your Next Festival Kurtis

If you were shopping for kurti to use for daily wear or something for college, then you may not be concerned with the kind of detailing it has. However, if you are shopping for a kurti you will be wearing to a party or a festival, then you have every reason to think deeply about the detailing. This is what will get you most attention and you want to ensure that it is spot on with every aspect. Consider details such as patchwork, kundan, thread embroidery, block printing, or shibori dying. You can also think about featuring stylish necklines and sleeves with very complicated details that will leave most people in awe. 

Check out different cuts  

Top Tips to Help You Choose Your Next Festival Kurtis

Don’t just settle on the first kurti you land on and take it home for the party. It is advisable that you try out different cuts so that you see just which one will be the most suitable for the party. Some of the cut options at your disposal include kaftan style cuts, trail cuts, asymmetrical cuts, and low cuts just to mention a few. Additionally, it is recommended that once you determine the cut you are most interested in, you should get fitted with a tailor and not just purchase the ready-made ones. This is to ensure that they kurti will fit well so that you feel exceedingly amazing in it.

Think about how you will accessorize it

Accessorizing your kurti for the evening will be very important. The bottom you will choose to accessorize the attire will be the missing puzzle on whether you will stand out or if you will be just like any other ordinary party goer. Additionally, for parties, it is advisable that you also think about the proper bling to have on, including decent kadas, kolhapuri, and chunky earrings amongst others. Such tiny details will go a long way in helping you have a great evening.

Understand your body shape

Top Tips to Help You Choose Your Next Festival Kurtis

If you want to get the most out of your kurti have a memorable time at the party with lots of attention being directed at you, you must learn how to choose the right kurti for your body shape. Consider the following as far as your body shape is concerned-:

  • If you are a trifle, think about going for materials such as georgette, linen, cotton, crepe and soft silk. Synthetic fabric such as chiffon would make you look small and frail.
  • If you are chubby, choose kurti made from heavy fabrics that will cling to your body just a bit to highlight some of your best features. Again, synthetic fabrics will hang away from your body, creating the impression that you are too big.
  • If you are too slim, but you want to create an impression of having some volume, consider kurti made from heavy jute, silk, or a blend of cotton. You may also be lucky to try out those made with polyester and chiffon since they will do a good job in flattering your small frame.
  • If you are too skinny, go for long flaring kurti since they will make you look more stunning.

Consider your height

For short people, the ideal party kurti should be straight ones with very good finishes that are about two to three inches just below the knee. This will create an impression of a slightly elongated frame. For the tall ladies, it is highly recommended that you consider short kurtis that don’t go past the knees. This will be essential in providing volume and balance to make you more elegant for the festival.

Check out the colors

For parties, you want to choose warm or bright colors that will accentuate the expected mood at the party. This is not the time to go for dull or mild colors which you would normally use for normal daily wear or for going to school. If you can have an idea of what theme the party will have, you can use that information to choose an appropriate color that will not only blend with the party but also make you stand out from the crowd .Too lazy to go shopping? Try stylecaret.


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