Buying jewelry for a man can be tricky. Most men don’t wear jewelry. Those that do tend to already have a very strong opinion on the type of jewelry they prefer. From leather bracelets to gold chains, platinum cufflinks to silver class rings, finding the right type of jewelry for the man in your life can be daunting. Is there something that’s appropriate for every man? There is. Look no further because a tungsten ring might be just what you’re looking for. Tungsten rings for men are rising in popularity. Cheaper than precious metals but just as durable and masculine, a tungsten ring can be downright sexy.

What is tungsten?

Tungsten is a rare, hard metal found naturally in the earth in chemical combinations. Like gold, it is a pure element but what makes tungsten unique is that is has the highest melting point of all the metals. Most jewelry applications that use tungsten combine it with carbide which results in tungsten carbide. Because of tungsten carbide’s hardness, rings made of this material are extremely abrasion resistant, and will hold a burnished finish longer than rings made of metallic tungsten.

Where can I buy tungsten rings for men?

There are many reputable online stores that sell tungsten rings for men. Ours is from and we love the quality of the ring as well as the fit. The rings are rounded on the inside for a more comfortable fit but maintain a beautiful finish on the outside. They have many styles to choose from and a true to size measuring guide to help insure the best fit possible. Whether its for a birthday, to celebrate an important occasion or just because you want him to have something nice, you can sure that a tungsten ring is something he will be able to appreciate. And while you’re at it, you might even find something for yourself as well.

Tungsten Rings for Men Tungsten Rings for Men Tungsten Rings for Men

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