The fashion industry is ever changing. Styles come and styles go as the seasons and decades change. However, with change comes opportunity. Each day a new shop opens up with the owner hoping to obtain their dreams of success while turning fashion into money. The steps taken in this process have the same core, but will vary depending on how the business owner wants to conduct business. Some shops are strictly online, some only have a physical location, and others are a hybrid of both locations.

Learning how to start a fashion business means understanding your product and how to turn it from a concept into a workable, money making product. This means starting with the first steps and then determining the marketplace for your item, whether it is physical or virtual.

The First Steps

The very first step that any potential entrepreneur must take is coming up with an idea on which to build their future retail dreams. Deciding on this idea can be one of the hardest parts of the initial process. Prior to making the decision a business owner can look around their area and find out if there is a niche available. Try to discover a portion of the population that appears to be under served or look for an item that seems to be forgotten about. This is your niche, discovering that will help formulate the idea that may eventually become a successful shop.

Once an idea is brewing, there are some legal steps that every business owner must go through. The exact requirements may vary from location to location, so check with your local and state governments in order to determine exactly what you need to become licensed.

As you work through the legal requirements of your retail dream, look at your startup funding. Do you have enough resources to startup comfortably, or do you need additional financial assistance. If you discover you are in need of assistance, there are a variety of sources you may think about approaching, according to the Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly.

Once you have completed these initial steps, the next decision will influence your company both in the present and in the future. Do you want to have a physical store, an online shop, or a shop that is a hybrid of both elements?

In Store

Opening a traditional storefront has its advantages, and what some may consider a few disadvantages as well. One advantage is being able to personally interact with your potential customers as they pass by your store front.

There are a few disadvantages to the traditional location, however. The most apparent of these are the costs associated with a brick and mortar store. These costs go beyond the utility bills and include the need to hire a larger staff on hand. One of the most nerve wracking decisions that a store owner needs to make is hiring their first employee. A final could be purchasing all of the items to make the store run smoothly such as a point of sale system.


An emerging trend in business is creating and maintaining an online storefront. The number of consumers participating in online shopping continues to increase. Some prefer this method because of its speed, while others may prefer it because the store they want to shop in is not located close to them. Regardless of what drives your customers online, you want to make sure they find you and do business with you.

In order to do so you need to have an online shop that is customer friendly and exciting. Create an area to spotlight the trends that are on their way. Focus another spotlight on your current bestselling product. Make sure to include sizing charts and measurement suggestions for your clients to refer to prior to making a purchase. Nothing is worse than purchasing an item online; only to find out it does not fit right.

If possible, optimize your online storefront for mobile access, this will not only open your shop for an increase in customers, but also allow them to shop whenever they need you.


The hybrid shop combines elements of an online store with a physical location. When you launch this business ensure that your outstanding customer service is seen in both realms. Yo, may even want to consider adding an option to allow your customers to make a purchase online and pick up in stores as this is a trend many are enjoying.

Turning fashion into money creates opportunities that allow for fun and creative designs. Have fun with the design of your physical location as well as your virtual one. Let your business reflect your personality and make it feel welcoming to all who may visit.


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