If you’ve never taken part in a yoga class before or just tried it in the comfort of your own home, now is the time to consider it. Many people when thinking about exercise, automatically think about hitting the gym for some cardio training or free weights. And while these are definitely both critical components of a balanced workout program, you must not overlook the importance of what yoga can provide.

Especially for those who are managing Type 2 diabetes or aiming to prevent it, it’s an excellent form of exercise to be doing.

Here’s why…

1. Yoga And Blood Pressure. If you’re suffering from high blood pressure or it runs in the family, yoga can help to keep your reading in the healthy range. Unlike many other forms of activity that actually raises blood pressure, yoga will help lower it and keep it that way for hours post your yoga session.

2. Yoga And Stress. The next key benefit yoga offers is keeping your stress levels in check.

As someone diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and concerned with raised blood sugar, stress is important to consider controlling because as soon as you become very stressed, this can instantly lead to your body releasing cortisol. As cortisol is released, it will impact blood sugar levels, which can not only wreak havoc with your reading, but also contribute to fat gain.

3. Yoga And Flexibility. Suffering from poor flexibility is a fast way to reduce your overall quality of life. Everyday activities will begin to feel much more challenging and you won’t be able to perform all the activities you’ve come to love.

With flexibility training, if you don’t use it, you lose it. Yoga will help ensure you not only maintain your flexibly, but you increase it is as well.

4. Yoga And Muscle Strength. On the other hand, while many think yoga is all about improving flexibly, this isn’t the case. Regular training can also help to improve your overall level of muscle strength as you’ll be holding poses for a duration of time.

This of course will depend slightly on the form of yoga you choose… but if you are doing any sort of Ashtanga yoga, expect to see great muscle strengthening benefits. This in turn will boost insulin sensitivity, improving how well your body handles any carbohydrates you consume.

So there you have a few of the primary benefits yoga offers and helps you lower your blood sugar as well as your blood pressure. All it takes is one or two sessions per week to see these impacts in your overall fitness and health level.

Type 2 diabetes is not a condition you must just live with. By making easy changes to your daily routine, its possible to protect your heart, kidneys, eyes and limbs from the damage often caused by diabetes, and eliminate some of the complications you may already experience.

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The answer isn’t in the endless volumes of available information but in yourself.

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