Preparing for prom includes all the necessary beauty regimens to look and feel your best on your special night. Remember to not overdo anything by incorporating drastic strategies since this could result in beauty disasters and destroy your prom dreams.

Stick to the basics and know what’s best for your body and your skin. Above all, don’t stress out too much and just treat the whole journey to the prom as one giant, roaring heap of fun with your friends. Prepare to truly glam up and rock your prom night with these beauty tips.

  1. Rehydrate your skin

Moisturizing your skin should be a daily beauty regimen, especially if you want to look absolutely flawless on your prom night. Make sure to keep yourself out of the sun and rehydrate your skin for as much as possible to avoid dry skin. If you have teen skin problems, such as acne, try swelling-reduction techniques such as the use of gentle skin creams.

  1. Groom your brows days before prom

Plucking your eyebrows or waxing them into the perfect shape could leave your skin raw and irritated, so make sure to do this days in advance. Try applying moisturizing cream around the area as well to give them a smooth, polished look.

  1. Put extra work on your hair

Your hair is your crowning glory and since you most likely plan to style it into something a bit more elaborate than your usual, make sure to prepare your hair by rehydrating it. Try to apply a leave-on conditioner that makes your hair shine more, giving it more volume and moisturizing every strand. Make sure that the product you’re using has the necessary vitamins and nutrients and contains the specifications for your type of hair.

  1. Put the right color on your eyes

Your makeup should reflect your personal style and look refreshing on you. One of the most important aspects of prom makeup is the color you put in your eyes, emphasizing the windows to your soul and giving you a more enhanced beauty.

Try out eyeliner styles such as a cat-eye design or opt for a simpler look. Explore other make-up avenues such as glitter on your eyelids for that extra glam effect or a color that pops out. To look like your favorite stars, choose a smoky eye effect. Or, if you want a sweet and young look, brush up on your pinks and make your eyelids perfectly fab.

  1. Choose the right lipstick for you

Choosing the perfect color of lipstick to put on your lips involves trying out many different palettes and hues and finding the right one for you. Try to go for a color change on your lips for that refreshing makeover feel.

Choose a lip color that complements your entire look, from your dress to your shoes and hair. Make sure not to wear a very dark color as this could look dull on such a night as prom, which is about being young and fab.

Your personal beauty regimen shouldn’t have to go too radical for prom. Stick to the tried-and-tested strategies that you’ve done, such as in the choosing of skin products, to avoid any malfunction or allergic reaction. Remember, prom is fun all the way – dressing up, dancing, and spending time with your friends – so make it absolutely unforgettable by looking flawless.

Sophie White is a fashion blogger based in Australia. Her passion for dresses, hairstyle, and self-expression has inspired her to lead the online marketing campaign for Prom Outfitters,a prom boutique based in Brooklyn, NY.

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