Every woman knows that earrings are a staple fashion accessory with the awesome power to transform or complete any outfit.

But when an accessory is so common, it can be hard to make an eye-catching statement.

With so many different styles and trends, choosing the right earrings is every bit as complicated as you may assume.

So, where does that leave us?

Solution: Here are 5 quick earring tips to help you navigate your way through this accessory crisis.

High-Class Hoops

Earrings to Stand Out

Classic is always in style, and so are hoops: any size, any color, any cut. Hoop earrings have a delightful way of framing your face and fearlessly surviving the changing trends.

So, the trick to standing out with hoops? Knowing when to wear what.

Silver and White Gold: Silver and white gold hoops are great for everyday use. They add an elegant and graceful vibe to any outfit. It’s easy to spice up a simple dress by throwing on a pair of silver hoops. You’ll be sure to get a polished look with ease and comfort.

But the most amazing part about silver and white gold hoops, is that they also work wonders for a dressier look. If you’re searching for that perfect addition to your dazzling night-out dress, look no further. Both simple and elaborate hoops will do the trick.

Silver and white gold hoops possess the magnificent power of looking great both dressed up and dressed down – this can be attributed to their gorgeous natural coloring. These pale, shiny tones can capture and reflect light in just the right way and sparkle like no other precious metal.

Yellow and Rose Gold: Although it’s slightly counterintuitive, yellow and rose gold are less dressy than silver or white gold. Yellow gold creates a sophisticated, more mature look, and is generally considered less flashy than the silvery tones of white gold. Rose gold breathes a sweet and pretty air, giving you a delicate, but dynamic presence.

Earrings to Stand Out

Wear small huggie hoops for classy and cultured work attire. Or, try large hoops for a quiet dinner party.

Yellow gold hoops will surely make any outfit appear noticeably primped, pretty, and practical.

If you’re still unsure when to wear silver and white gold vs. yellow gold, you can also decide based on skin tone. This is starting to become a more outdated theory; however, it goes like this:

Cooler skin tones tend to look brightest with silver or white metals.

Warmer skin tones tend to look most charming in yellow and rose gold.

Mismatch Matching

Earrings to Stand Out

Mismatched earrings are the new matched. Let your creativity loose, and choose whichever earrings you’ve been craving to wear.

If you’re going for a look that’s refined but artsy, try wearing mismatched studs. Because of their small size, mismatched studs give a slightly more conventional look to an otherwise more extravagant fashion. But fear not, with the right color and shine, you’re sure to still be noticeably stylish. Mismatched studs let you bring the party with you.

If you’re going somewhere that can handle some intense glamming, throw on a pair of mismatched dangling earrings. Fun and quirky, mismatched dangling earrings will certainly draw all eyes on you for all the right reasons.

Finish off the look with a raised chin and a walk of confidence. You’ll be setting fashion trends in no time.

Hollywood Funk

Earrings to Stand Out

When in Rome… do it like Hollywood. Wear a single oversized earring, the bigger the better.

For a classier look, think thin and long.

For a cheekier look, think large and chunky.

This style might be a bit much for the average work day, but is great for going out with friends, jazzing it up at concerts, dancing it out at clubs, and strutting down the runway.

Okay, so chances are you’re probably not doing that last one. But if you are, you know what to wear!

If the single oversized earring is throwing off your Feng Shui, wear a smaller, or even stud sized earring on the other ear. Or, pull your hair to the side with dark toned pins or a waterfall braid.

Just be sure you’re single oversized earring is not too heavy, so you don’t stretch out your holes. No need for that. To test the earring weight, balance it on your pinky finger and check whether your finger must work to keep the earring up. If it feels heavy, it’s a no-no.

Tassels Gone Wild

Earrings to Stand Out

Tassels are no longer just for your living room curtains. They’re fashionable, fun and trendy. Whether beaded, threaded, fuzzy, or silky, tassels tell people you’re flirty but independent. Wear them to work or on a night out: you’re sure to get some adoring fans.

Tassels earrings come in a plethora of styles and sizes, making them a true universal trend. With a little bit of patience, you can find tassel earrings for any occasion.

Small boutiques offer more quaint and quirky tassel earrings, while larger department stores tend to sell more elegant and ornate earrings, possibly even with diamonds and other precious stones.

Take some time to look around and choose the right tassel earrings for you. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous and step out of your comfort zone. These earrings are high in fashion right now, so take advantage of the fun while you can.

Uptown Artsy


DIY earrings out of credit cards! You choose the shape, the color, and style. In return, you get one of a kind earrings and extra green points for recycling that old plastic.

Here’s what to do:

Find an old credit card (or really any laminated card you’re no longer using). If you have one with any colorful designs or patterns, that’ll be great. Otherwise, you can always paint over the card for extra gloss or color.

Next, choose the shape you want. You can go with straight rectangles, ovals, or triangles. Or, for a less conventional shape, try elongated trapezoids, layered circles, or a classic guitar pick shape.

Decide which part of the card you want to be most prominent, and cut out your desired shapes.

If you want to add some more intensity to the earrings, now is when you can cast your own designs and colors. It’s best to use nail polish for this because of its inherent shine and texture. The small brushes are also a big plus.

There’s no right or wrong answer here, so let your imagination go wild. Use stencils for flowing patterns, or a top coat for a pretty shine.

When you’re done, and the earrings are dry, use a whole punch to place small holes at the top of the earrings. Choose what kind of earring fixing and backing you like and attach them through the newly made hole. You can purchase earring findings and backings at Michael’s or any other local arts store.

And Voila! You’ve got yourself a pair of unique and exciting new earrings.

That was fun, wasn’t it?

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Esther Meir

Esther is a content writer and marketer for Havilah, the blog at Luriya.com. She enjoys writing in-depth guides to help individuals stay up to date on the latest jewelry selling and wearing trends. In her spare time, she plays violin and eats mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Earrings to Stand Out


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