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There are a large number of considerations that you need to take into account before you put your money down on a wedding band. The situation gets complex because you really don’t have quick answers to things that you want to know. To make things easier, a compilation of the top questions asked frequently:

What Is a Contemporary Metal?

Traditionally, wedding bands were made from precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, however, in the last couple of decades, a number of alternative metals, also called contemporary metals, like stainless steel, tungsten, titanium, cobalt, etc. have become popular with people who want to project themselves as being sophisticated, yet different. Apart from a really trendy look, most contemporary metals are significantly cheaper making them perfect for those with a limited budget. They are also distinctly more durable and scratch-resistant making them perfect for those who prefer an active life without having to be extra careful about their rings.

How to Get the Size of the Ring Right?

If you are buying the ring from a brick and mortar store, you need to get your finger measured by them for the right fit. Measuring the size is not an exact science so if you go to different stores, you could end up with various sizes. Therefore, measure your ring size in the store from where you are purchasing the wedding band. If you are ordering online, you can download sizing guides that will tell you what your ring size is. Some stores like may even send you a sizing ring on request, free of charge, when you order and process the order after you try it on and return it to them. Though the delivery time does get elongated, it is well worth the effort especially when the ring you are ordering is custom-made and non-returnable.

What Is a Comfort Fit Wedding Band?

Comfort fit is a term that is fairly self-explanatory; these are rings that have the inner and outer sides beveled in such a manner that putting the ring on is very simple; it slides over the knuckle far more easily. Rings that are manufactured without this feature have edges that are straight that make it less comfortable to put on or remove as the edges tend to be sharp. With its unarguable advantage, comfort ring design is the de facto standard in men’s wedding bands.

Are Lifetime Warranties For Real?

Lifetime warranties sound very nice; however, you need to read the fine print to find out what it covers and what the exclusions are. For it to have any value, it should cover issues like discoloration of the metal and manufacturing defects, including cracking and corrosion. The more reputed stores will also cover losses of precious stones. The warranty obviously holds good till such time the issuing company is in business.


Regardless of where you are buying your wedding band from, you should only make purchases after checking out all possible factors and satisfying yourself of the product quality and warranty.


Author Bio: Cynthia Craig is a lifestyle journalist who covers the fashion and wedding jewelry sectors regularly. She rates as among the best online jewelry stores for wedding jewelry for men.

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