Have you ever bought a ring and wondered about the diamond? Or perhaps taken your ring for an appraisal only to be told that the centre diamond is rather lacklustre, despite the great appraisal certificate it came with? Before setting off to buy wholesale diamonds for sale by Diamond Queensland or any other diamond retailer, know what to look out for. Here are some tips to help you stay on the watch out for badly cut diamonds.

When the C’s Go Wrong – You Can Still have a Bad Cut with Great Clarity and Color

No doubt you’ve heard of the 4 Cs when it comes to diamonds: Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat. Cut is actually one of the most important elements. But it’s not as easy to classify as the other Cs.

Why Would Anyone Cut A Diamond Badly?

Diamond cutters may want to preserve as much of the diamond’s weight as they can. For example, a diamond may weight .90 carats is it’s been cut ideally. But diamonds weighing a carat or more can fetch top price. So the cutter may just be tempted to facet the diamond a little differently in order to preserve the extra weight and fetching a higher price.

Word to Know: Dispersion, Reflection, Refraction

When light bounces off the diamond’s surface, it’s referred to as reflection. Refraction is light entering the stone and bouncing of the interior wall. The light that exits the diamond is known as dispersion. Essentially, the more light refracting from inside the diamond and dispersing, the better the stone.

Fancy Shop Display Lights Can Fool the Eye

When browsing wholesale diamonds, keep in mind that poorer quality stones can look better than they actually are when displayed under mega wattage lights. For this reason it’s a good idea to examine the diamonds in a natural light, out of the jewellery store.

Ugly Light will Show you a Good Diamond

When shopping for diamonds, look away from the display lights. Take the stone a poorly lit part of the store or even a dimly lit bathroom to properly check it out.

watch out for badly cut diamonds

How to Spot a Badly Cut Diamond

A shallow cut diamond might just look bigger but look around the sides: light escaping from the sides means the stone lacks the brilliant of a better quality diamond. Deep cut diamonds tend to suffer a similar fate. They won’t refract light towards the eyes like a well cut stone.

An ideal cut diamond will sport perfect angles, facets and symmetry and will be skilfully proportioned to refract and reflect as much light as it can. What’s more, a well cut diamond will shine and sparkle while showing off a brilliant. Poorly cut diamonds simply won’t do that.

Check for a Good Diamond Cut with these Four Handy Steps

  1. Take a look at the diamonds from the side. Look for scratches, chips and imperfections.
  2. Pay careful attention to the facets’ symmetry. Are they the same shape and size or does one look a little out of proportion to the others?
  3. Check the girdle carefully. It should be perfect all the way around.
  4. Finally, check the culet – it should not be broken or chipped.

And Finally…

This is the most important tip for making sure you get top quality wholesale diamonds for sale by Diamond Queensland: examine the diamond closely for its natural sparkle. Check out whether one stone seems to show more colour reflection than another. Maybe it has a little more bling – and if so, it’s likely a better cut stone.

A diamond that is of top quality will shine, sparkle and glitter and glow both in dirtiness and cleanliness. But a badly cut diamond will likely break your heart and wallet.




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