Apart from intensifying the major muscles of the body, the Yoga asanas can also be used to cure various problems of the digestive system. In fact, a lot of poses of Yoga help increase the metabolic rate of the body that in turn results in an enhanced digestive system. Along with various digestive problems, yoga asanas also help in controlling skin diseases, liver problems and menstrual problems.
The first yoga asana that is considered to be the best healer of digestive problems is The Pranayama. The asana helps you to increase the rate of oxygen supply in the body by correcting the breathing pattern, which in turn ensures an improved metabolic rate and helps us to digest the food inside our stomach easily.
Apart from The Pranayama, the other yoga asanas that can be done for improving digestion and to get rid of various digestive problems are vajrasana, bhujangasana, shankhaprakshalana, pawanmuktasana, mayurasana, shalabhasana, matsyendrasana, sarvangasana, shavasana and paschimottanasana.
Among these asanas the Vajrasana is performed 10 minutes after having a meal, otherwise, it is important to perform the above mentioned other asanas only after learning the Pawanmuktasana perfectly. Once this asana is learned the other asana can be performed after it daily.
Although the asanas play an important role in curing the digestive problems but it is noted that yoga asanas alone cannot get your body rid of all digestive problems. For that, it is necessary to remove the various reasons that cause the problems in the first place.
Some easy ways that you can use with yoga to get a perfect digestive system are:

Avoid over eating: No matter how delicious the food is, make sure you eat only till your stomach is full, over eating not just weakens your digestive system but also makes you lethargic.

Eat simple: Remain away from deep fried foods. Along with a bad digestive system, the oil in these foods gives you an unhealthy heart.

Add Detox diet: At least once a week make sure to eat nothing and consume only water and salt. A detox diet will give a better health and a slim body.

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