What is a sari?

The famed Indian Saree is the favorite dress worn by women all over the Indian subcontinent. With the internet carrying the images of gorgeous Indian sarees all over the world, the online images continue to increase the fascination across the world. Saree is a strip of unstitched garment of about six meters in length. It generally comes in glorious colors, motifs and patterns.

wear a sari

How do I wear a sari?

Women wear it by draping it over the body in various styles. The typical style of wearing an Indian sari is to wrap it around the waist with graceful folds with the other end draped over the shoulder baring the midriff. The Sari is worn on top of a petticoat at the waist and choli or blouse for the chest.

wear a sari

Where can I wear a sari?

Whether it is a Designer saree or a daily wear saree, it never fails to surprise you by its amazing versatility. The saree can make a woman look very demure, gracefully elegant or extremely gorgeous. It is all in the way you wear it. A beautiful sari complements the female figure when worn the right way. When worn with a low cut blouse and a bare midriff, the saree becomes a very glamorous dress – preferred by Bollywood stars. When worn high over the waist with the pallu covering the head, it becomes a demure garment. In between these two extremes come various elegant ways of wearing, making the saree a truly versatile piece of garment that can transform the woman who wears it. No wonder the Indian woman refuses to let go her sari while the world over women have dropped their traditional forms of dresses and gravitated to the western style.

Where can I find a sari?

At www.sakhifashions.com, you can find an exclusive collection of designer sarees.

wear a sari

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