Accessories are considered to be an essential part of women’s lives as they are incomplete without it. It has been worn for years and is known to enhance the appearance. Women often buy jewelry for every celebration that matches their apparel. From gold, diamond to silver, there are numerous types of jewelry that are available in the market. If you are confused about picking the optimum jewelry that augments your personality, then go on reading as here you will find practical tips on how to choose the right jewelry for you.


As there are different face shapes, hence it becomes necessary to select the one that can augment your looks. Women who have oval shaped face are considered to be the luckiest as they will look pretty in any style. For heart-shaped faces, then chandeliers and triangular shaped earrings will be a great option. Long dangling earrings will work best for the women with small faces as they will tend to elongate their face. Long or rectangular shaped face ladies should consider wearing stubs as they will look best on their face.

How to wear the right Jewelry to enhance your Appearance 


A necklace, no doubt plays a vital role in transforming your personality. If you are medium height women, then grab the necklaces that are Y-shaped or V-shaped. The reason is that such kind of pieces will undoubtedly make you look tall.One must consider the appropriate length according to one’s height while choosing neck pieces. Opt for the lengths that do not go beyond from your torso. Alternatively, if you are a tall lady then choose choker necklaces. If you are petite, then do not go for large sized jewelry, instead, pick something more delicate.

How to wear the right Jewelry to enhance your Appearance 


Wearing a right bracelet will enhance the beauty of your hands, and you must get the one that matches your personality. If you want to have a sophisticated or spiritual look, you can wear beaded bracelets, as they are incredibly versatile. If you are petite, then you must select the bracelets that are thin and delicate as they will make you appear prettier. For largely boned ladies, an array of bracelets or a single wide bracelet will be the best option. There’s a lot for you to choose from here.

How to wear the right Jewelry to enhance your Appearance

Other important aspects that require consideration

Skin Tone

A primary thing that many ladies often ignore while choosing jewelry is their skin tone. Before selecting any jewelry, it becomes necessary to observe your skin type and then plan the jewelry accordingly. Regardless of the skin tone, gold jewelry looks great on some ladies. In fact, hot fashion sea life jewelry lab created gemstonesare in trend as such jewelry pieces suits on every skin type.

Do not forget your eye color

Another best way to accentuate your appearance is choosing the jewelry piece that matches your eye color. As eyes are the most noticeable features and you can use jewelry to make your eye hue pop. You can visit a local jewelry shop to try different styles and pick the one that subtly highlights your eye color.

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