The general conception of sneakers is that it’s a sport related accessory but over the years, sneakers have paved their way out of those restrictions and have become applicable to almost any social situation. Sneakers can now be worn with trousers, leggings, dresses, or skirts. The possibilities are endless.

Skirts and dresses are now part of day to day outfits and ensembles. Skirts and dresses were traditionally worn with high heels or dress shoes but in recent times, they have become more casual.

Although it is a bit tricky to find appropriate sneakers to wear with dresses and skirts, here are some ways to style your dress/sneaker ensembles for different occasions:

1. Day to Day Outfits

Skirts and dresses are very cute and they always feel pretty and feminine. This is why they’re perfect for day to day outfits. They can be styled with jackets or worn alone. If you decide to wear a skirt or a dress to work or school, you’d be better off wearing a converse. A converse is a type of sneaker that is extremely popular around the world. They usually have white soles and any type of color for the body. Wearing a converse with your day to day outfits is appropriate and preferable because they are affordable and extremely durable.

The converse is also a statement brand so you never have to worry about looking “uncool”. If you’re wearing a jean skirt, pair it with a converse and wear socks that’ll blend with the rest of your outfit. The same thing applies to dresses. And if you are not afraid to be “bold”, you can pair with a colorful pair of socks. It can make your outfit pop in seconds.

2. Parties

Parties generally equal fun so you don’t want to go for a school bash or party (e.g summer parties, house parties) wearing something that you aren’t comfortable in. There will be a lot of dancing done so the best thing to do is wear comfortable sneakers and soft socks. However, because this is a party and not a day to day event, you might want to bring out the big guns. The luxury brands (e.g Gucci, Saint Laurent, Chanel, Balenciaga and the likes) are now making sneakers so if you can afford one of those brands, it would be awesome.

However, if you cannot afford one of those brands, there is no harm, it can easily be substituted with two of the biggest sportswear names in the world: Adidas and Nike. Both of these companies produce amazing and affordable luxury sneakers. It is not compulsory to wear luxury sneakers, you can always wear the usual converse, it doesn’t really matter. The only thing that matters is how you feel. If you like it then it’s perfect.

3. Fancy Parties/ Official Situations

There isn’t that much of difference between the fancy parties and the usual parties except things are more expensive and it’s usually more controlled. Most of the time, for these occasions, you will opt for high heels or dress shoes/sandals. But if you want to do something different, sneakers are a good alternative. If you find yourself having to attend one of these parties, the best option is usually a luxury brand of sneakers. In these occasions, it is advisable to wear ankle length socks, they can be of any design, like your own personal rebellion. The same thing goes with official situations. You want to look fancy, but you’ll do it in your own way.

Usually more than not, most situations can fall into one of those three categories. However here are some extra tips and advice for wearing skirts and dresses with sneakers.

  1. When wearing a skirt or dress with sneakers, it is important that the color of your outfit does not clash with the shoes or else it will look too loud. Dresses and Skirts are worn to sometimes show off the legs so keep the sneakers and socks calm leaving the attention to your outfit.
  2. It is very important to wear your socks with your sneakers no matter what you’re wearing. Socks should be long only if the dress or skirt is above the knee. If the dress or skirt is below the knee the socks should be ankle length. You can start build your sock closet now ….
  3. You can wear absolutely any type of sneakers with your dress. All that matters are the color coordination. If you don’t have any luxury brands, that’s okay, you can always style your outfit with a converse or with tennis shoes.
  4. Never be afraid to add a pop of color to your outfit, it could be your sneakers laces or a brooch on your dress but make sure there’s a touch of color.

The most important advice on wearing dresses and skirts with sneakers is that you should never be afraid to experiment. The perfect dress/skirt with sneakers ensemble is the one that you’re happy with.

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how to wear sneakers with your dress

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