Loose, flowing, no-fuss hair is what all women want. Whether it’s short or long, every woman wants to be able to take a shower, let her hair dry naturally, and viola! Gorgeous, touchable, runway-worthy hair. The reality? Either a frizz bomb or limp locks. Or both. But we’ve all seen them. Those girls who have gorgeous, just barely wavy hair that look untouched by a blowdryer. So what’s the trick to wearing your hair down?

To start with, you’re going to still need product. At least two in fact: smoothening gloss to fight frizz and add shine and texturizing paste to add volume and movement. No matter what type of hair you have, you’re going to need both but the trick is getting your proportions right.

I have naturally straight hair that is slightly wavy at the bottom. If I brush my hair out while it’s drying, my strands dry straighter and if I throw them in a loose bun while still damp, the waves stand out more. After yoga, I take shower in the locker room but just can’t be bothered with blow drying my hair or really fixing it. I like to let it dry on it’s own. But not without my two secret weapons.

Step 1: Shine

First, I add some smoothing oil to the tips of my hair. I love to use Organix Moroccan Oil. A small squeeze in the palm of hand, rub my hands together, then apply JUST to the ends.

Wearing Your Hair Down - Moroccan Oil

Step 2: Shine + Texture

For the length of my hair, I need both smoothness and some texture. I combine the Moroccan Oil with a dime-sized amount of Swartzkopf’s Hair Glue in the palm of my hand, rub my hands together, then run my hands lightly through my hair. Using a combing motion with my fingers, I gradually let the product in my hands rub off over the entire length of my hair.

Wearing Your Hair Down

Step 3: Texture

Lastly, volume at the roots. Now I apply Hair Glue JUST to the tips of my finger and rub that only to my roots. I concentrate it near my part and at the crown of my head where I want some natural volume.

Finally run through with my fingers to make sure my hair is parted where I want when it dries, then I’m done. 30 minutes to an hour later when my hair is all dry and it looks pretty darn awesome. If you’re still missing some shine or volume, you can add some touch ups.

Over time, you’ll figure out which smoothening oil and which texturizer is best for you and just how much you need. Once you do, you’ll be all set for naturally beautiful hair whenever you want.

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