A Note From the Editor:

One of my first memories is that of my mother fixing my hair in front of the bathroom mirror. I was so small that I could only see the top half of my forehead in the mirror and my arms were barely long enough to reach the back of my head. Like this, my mom would comb my hair and together, we would decide how I wanted my hair that day, which barrettes to put in and what outfit I would put on. When she was finished, she would hold me up so I could see myself in the mirror.

Taking the time to look our best is a value my mother instilled in me and my sisters from a very young age. I was taught to dress well and to dress appropriately, I learned how to walk in high heels, to do my hair, to put perfume on and to not wear too much of it. We didn’t have much growing up but whenever we went out, we always looked our best.

I am lucky today that I have been able to live in some of the world’s biggest cities and have a lifestyle that enables me to dress well. For me fashion, style, and beauty are an extension of who we are and more importantly, who we want to be. It is the beginning of a conversation that allows us to meet new people, stand out among our peers or blend into a local culture. I want this blog to reflect all of those things, to be a source for fashion news, new trends, styling tips, beauty advice and also some everyday rantings about issues women have daily regarding health, gift giving and traveling around. I hope you enjoy our new look and I look forward to hearing what your take on all these things are.

My name is Christine and I’m thrilled to be the new Editor-in-Chief of SweetStyleBlog.com.

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