Physical ailments, stress, depression, weakness, etc. all are a routine name in each one of ours life. Our life has become so hectic that we cannot stay away from all these problems. We tend to fall prey to these problems be cause we do not pay heed to our routine, health and diet. If ignored for a long time, it causes many serious problems. You end up paying huge amounts of money to cure these problems. Even after spending such huge amounts you cannot get rid of all this completely.  Why not stop these problems right at the inception juts by sparing 30 minutes from your daily routine and taking a session of hatha yoga or yoga.

Like other forms of yoga, hatha yoga is also a very popular and beneficial form of yoga. It has the ability to cure and heal many ailments. Pranayama, a breathing exercise I a very important from of this style of exercise. Whenever you opt for a session of this exercise or a trainer opts for some session, the Pranayama is included in the basics. Though some books stress on the importance of this breathing exercise, some Hatha trainers fail to include it in their sessions and the people practicing this exercise are not able to generate the required energy from breathing.

A very important aspect of Hatha style is breathing. The asanas come at a later stage. Breathing first benefits you and gets you ready to practice the further asanas or poses. If it is so important than why do some classes skip it? The point is that when we say the term “yoga’ people feel that it means some difficult asanas or poses. If they see that the classes are taking Pranayama sessions, they feel that the class trainer is not highly trained and is not teaching the actual forms. They then start looking for other trainers.

If it is only aanas, than gymnastics also have many such poses. But why do people choose yoga when it comes to relieving stress and ailments. This is because this is the only form of exercise that includes, mediation, pranayama, and rigorous asanas all together to help you get rid of all your problems. It is a union of one’s soul, mind and body. It refreshes, relaxes and rejuvenates the entire body system of an individual.

Although students coming to such sessions feel that Pranayama is not useful , the Hatha yoga teachers to spare time and explain the student the worth of breathing exercise in yoga. They should stress upon its inclusion in one’s sessions s that they get the right benefit of hatha yoga. 

carmelamturner is a expart of Yoga Retreats. She provide information about Yoga Teacher Training and Seva

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